Maldives Adventures Competition

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Hey, darlings!


So I’ve been on and off as usual, busy with work and juggling new projects which include The Weekly Diary. In between all of that, I managed to take a quick 4-day trip to the Paradise Island also known as Maldives.

It was not a sponsored trip and the perfect vacation away from reality, so was not going to share anything. However, the trip was just so mind-blowing that i had to share at least some pictures to tease you 😀 .



I was a bit hesitant on going to visit Maldives at first because I’ve seen and heard it’s mainly known for honeymoons or just romantic getaways – but i can tell you this, it’s just as AMAZING for the singles as well as couples.



It’s visa-free for all countries, i went to Maldives on a budget and found it very budget-friendly; compared to what everyone thought.


I would really recommend visiting Maldives, get to know the people of Maldives ( they are amazing) and try the fun water activities and food.

Join the Adventure of Maldives competition below so you can witness this amazing experience !!!



The Adventures of Maldives (Dhivehi Aahitha) is a video competition aimed to showcase the personal videos of locals and tourists engaging in what we term as “Adventures of Maldives”..

We define “Adventures of Maldives” as conventional adventure related activities in the Maldives such as scuba diving, island excursions, festivals, free diving, surfing, snorkeling, watersports, etc. and also as unconventional adventure related activities in the Maldives, the likes of which, we leave up to your creativity and imagination for definition.


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