Taipei Dao : A Taste of Taiwan In Dubai

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A couple of weeks ago, i was introduced to a hidden gem located downtown. Had the pleasure of dining at the most authentic Taiwanese restaurant, Taipei Dao.

The authentic restaurant and tea-house captures the culture and essence of Taiwan from the flavours, to the pure fresh and organic taste in each ingredient and especially the teahouse, which Taiwan is famously known for their health-beneficial tea.

The unique decor and designs and atmosphere, you can literally feel like you’ve taken a trip down to the East Asian island.

Now let’s get down to business, the food! Just remembering the taste, flavours and dining experience make me want to down there again! (Which I definitely will)

For the best and unique authentic taste of Taiwanese cuisines, I would highly recommend a dining experience at Taipei Dao and trust me, you will love it! Indulge in some Taiwan Goodness!

Check out some of the dishes below.

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