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TIME magazine 100 most influential people in the world compliled list acknowledged the essential entrepreneurial titans, global leaders, pop culture icons, artists and trailblazing pioneers.

Amongst TIME 100 listed culture-changing criteria in 2013 – Chinese tennis superstar, Li Na, 31; whom is presently ranked number six in the official world tennis rankings.

Li has achieved and transcended barriers single-handedly, enabling a community – and a nation – to passionately embrace the sport. After being crowned French Open champion in 2011, over 15 million Chinese inhabitants now actively participate in tennis in their leisure; whereas 115 million of citizens of the one billion populated Asian nation tuned in live to see Li’s victory in France.

‘I think because I was the first Chinese player to win a grand slam, people were thinking: ‘She’s not like normal people’ commented the Chinese sensation.

Li Na is the first ever Asian-born athlete to claim a Tennis grand slam tournament in the history of the honorific sport. Coach Jiang Shan – who is also her significant other – was selected by Li, as opposed to a beaurocratic administrative handpick on her behalf in her native China.

Athletic genes are deeply hereditary, as the Chinese tennis stars father played professional badminton; which Li initially started playing aged six, until transitioning to tennis aged eight.

The CTA (Chinese Tennis Association) policy has seen Li Na engage a ‘fly alone’ rule, providing more independance in her representation as an athlete. Since claiming greater control of her career, more financial gain from competing competively can be now be officially attained, rather than forwarding humongous fractions of her eye-opening earnings to the body of the CTA.

Na’s current lucrative endorsement deals include: Nike, Mercedes Benz, Samsung, Rolex and Visa – boasting an accumalative networth of $185m.

The Asian sensations refreshingly graceful demeanor by virtue makes her a champion off the court, as well as on the court.

Serena Williams vs Li Na Miami – Sony Open 2013 (Highlights)

Li Na Official Weibo Page: www.weibo.com/linatennis

Li Na Official Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/lina

Wimbledon Official Website: www.wimbledon.com

Words by : Dean Perretta [ @Dean2185 ]

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