#TWDSPORTS : NBA: San Antonio Spurs Reach NBA Finals 2013

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San Antonio Spurs (58-24) have secured their fourth NBA finals journey in a decade span respectively; three championships (2003, 2005, 2007) in the corresponding time frame of which under current head coach, Greg Popovich.

Tim Duncan, 37, registered his eighth NBA Western Conference Finals appearance against Memphis Grizzlies (56-26); who were outclassed in a 4-0 sweep by the dominant San Antonio Spurs. Spurs effortlessly eliminated the Grizzlies after an 93-86 route, with French point guard, Tony Parker, inspiring the San Antonio Spurs with a victorious surge with a influential contribution of 37 points, and 6 assists to steer the series in favor of the Texans.

“He’s been amazing. Every year he gets better and better and better. He’s been carrying us. You can see tonight he carried us the entire game.” commented Tim Duncan on the form of Spurs teamate Tony Parker.

San Antonio Spurs will now face off against the inevitable victor of the NBA Eastern Conference Final best of seven game series between Indiana Pacers and Miami Heat. Miami Heat (66-16) currently comfortably lead 2-1 over Indiana Pacers (49-32) in the exciting divisional dual for bragging rights.

Meanwhile, Spurs forward, Tim Duncan, aims to capture his fifth NBA world championship, as the future NBA hall of famer seeks to level Kobe Bryant (LA Lakers) and Derek Fisher (Oklahoma City Thunder) amongst active NBA players with the most championship rings in their career.

Tony Parker, 31, has evidently been the NBA playoff Most Valuable Player in the post-season, after gracefully placing Grizzlies Mike Conley at his disposal, in another convincingly classy output in leading San Antonio Spurs to the final.

San Antonio Spurs playoff 2013 record presently stands at 12-2 after three hard-fought series showdowns with LA Lakers (4-0), Golden State Warriors (4-2) and Memphis Grizzlies (4-0) which lead the San Antonio Spurs in becoming crowned NBA Western Conference Champions 2013.

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Words by : Dean Perretta [ @Dean2185 ]

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