M.R. Essojay – ‘Some Women Just Can’t Go Down In Lifestyle’

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M.R. Essojay (pronounced Mister Esso-jay) is a poet and author. 

His style of poetry often involves creating scenarios, jolting the imagination of listeners and entertaining them through each piece. 

As a poet he fuses clever wordplay with witty punch lines to deliver the short stories.  

His book titled ‘Man Flu – The Book’ is a dramatic relationship fiction, titled ‘Man Flu’ because it considers the notion that unfaithfulness in a relationship is a disease that men suffer greatly from.

‘She Drives Me to Drink’ and ‘Arguments’ is the follow up poems to M.R. 

Essojay’s first short film ‘Some Women Just Can’t Go Down In Lifestyle’.

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‘Some Women Just Can’t Go Down In Lifestyle’ is the debut short film written by the punchy poetic storyteller M.R. Essojay.

M.R. Essojay who plays the role of Mike, battles with Sonia (Hirah Mohideen) in a tense relationship clash which features the fiery and short tempered female lashing out in rage at the mediocre lifestyle that accompanies Mike; her boyfriend.

The poem explains how Mike is dating the monster created by an ex-boyfriend, James, who spoilt Sonia and introduced her to a lavish lifestyle. Despite the relationship with James terminating, it appears she expects the same standard of living from Mike, who simply can’t keep up.

‘Some Women Just Can’t Go Down In Lifestyle’ highlights a key relationship issue with a very thought provoking ending which would certainly cause some individuals to re-think their stance on what matters most in a relationship.  Putting aside the rhyming, the wordplay, and the heated moments, the short film simply raises a question.  Is money really that important?

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