#TWDSPORTS : Jason Collins – Cleaning Out The Closet

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Jason Collins – Cleaning Out The Closet

The first openly homosexual active NBA player in history has been revealed in journeyman, Jason Collins, 34, of the Washington Wizards. The courageously brave statement by the eloquently articulate Collins has been publically supported by fellow Wizards teamates, personal friends, and even Michelle Obama.

British BBC journalist and former-NBA athlete, John Amaechi, 42, who competed for both the Orlando Magic and Utah Jazz; holds the distinction of scoring the first NBA point of the millennium. However, his true legacy remains as an NBA athlete to personally come out of the closet post-career; in fear of reprisal and scorn from bigoted, dinosaur media members, jaded society and perception from colleagues in 2006.

“I just thought I would lose my job. My teammates knew. We didn’t talk about, but they knew. My teammates took care of me.” said Amaechi of his NBA experience.

Stanford graduate Jason Collins, who plies his craft in the uber-alpha male, oft-homophobic, Hip-Hop associated global organization that is the NBA. The declaration transcends not just sports, but a progression of social change in the United States toward rights of same sex relationships in the year 2013.

In 2012, Grammy Award winning R&B superstar, Frank Ocean, claimed his first sexual attraction was inclined to a man; which sparked tabloids and social media universally. Moreover, Barack Obama’s pro-gay stand as the leader of the free world has altered the once maligned stigma to a certain degree.

Jason Collins bears a triple-threat to a portion of insular American society: African-American, homosexual, and affluent millionaire athlete. The three traits that mainstream, left-wing America at large fears tremendously more than any war on illegal substances.

The announcement will certainly be Collins’ long-lasting legacy , and become a visible role-model in the world of professional sports off court when the buzzer on his career sounds for the final time some day. NBA legend, Magic Johnson – whose son is openly gay – has publically heralded Jason Collins decision.

“It was amazing. “It was a truly overwhelming experience — humbling, the amount of support I received. I’m truly blessed to have the people that I have [who] have my back, and just support me and lift me up’ noted Jason Collins on the overall feedback since coming out.

With Collins truthfully bearing his soul for the world to see, what remains to be seen is whether this will provide a domino effect in all sporting endeavors.

Jason Collins Official Twitter: @jasoncollins34

NBA Official Twitter: @NBA

WRITTEN BY : Dean Perretta [ @Dean2185 ]

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