HOT 94.4FM Trends : E-man’s Angels Trends A-List Celebrities With A Breeze!

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Atlanta, GA – In the world of marketing, businesses must be able to utilize the Internet for success. Hiring companies for online promotion, you will want to look at E-man’s Angels. Their strategies can bring fast results in all the various search engines. Recently, E-man’s Angels have been featured on an NBC News blog and constantly in the mouth’s of A-List celebrities.

They utilize both online marketing, national television advertising solutions, and most importantly, word of mouth. E-man’s Angels is a division of EAE Management Group, and is known for it’s effective marketing strategies online. They are connected with Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. People, or groups in need of promotion assistance should know that E-man’s Angels is a solid company. The reviews and testimonials are endless.

With their knowledge of marketing, clients will be given the chance to promote their product effictively on comScore’s top 250 websites. Research has shown that customers shop based on their senses, so having something to look at while listening to the sales pitch is a better way to sell a product. Your search rankings will also improve because they are likely to show their friends the advertisement.
Twitter is more popular than Facebook in their ability to make quick comments and have them go viral. They can promote clients on Twitter and get out more information than posting a comment on Facebook.

They are not new to the marketing field, as they were founded in 2005. They have always received praise from big names in the entertainment business. They have always been able to offer a wide variety of services including consulting and design. Now in 2013, E-man’s Angels Marketing & Promotions continues to raise the bar. They understand to stay competitive in this industry; they must maintain their audience’s interests. After obtaining the VentureWorthy Gold Award, many investors have offered the company six-figure deals. Most investors have agreed that the company has obtained its top spot by working smart and effectively throughout the years.

Therefore, in summary, E-man’s Angels Marketing & Promotions has cracked the code for trending not only small businesses and corporate companies, but also A-List celebrities. E-man’s Angels has been globally trending online for some time now. Their methods have proven to work for many businesses, music artists, and celebrities! Some have even labeled the company as the world’s ‘trendiest’ marketing firm! That’s a major accomplishment!


“E-man’s Angels is an amazing company with an amazing strategy” – Gerry Kelly (Miami Nightclub Operator)


E-man’s Angels Marketing and Promotions is a division of EAE Management Group. They are based out of Atlanta, Georgia. EAE Management Group provides the ultimate branding, viral marketing, talent and celebrity booking, global advertising, and nightlife experience. You can contact them via email ( or visit their website at


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