#TWDSPORTS : NBA Playoffs: Hangtime – Ones To Watch

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Kevin Durant – OKC Thunder

2012-13 Stats: 28.1ppg  7.9rpg   4.6apg

Durant is the state of the art scorer in the NBA today. The variation of offensive onslaughting manoevers are endless – mid-range effectiveness, penetrative driving, video-game-esque dunking and draining three-point shots from twenty five feet and beyond. An NBA championship would undoubtedly cement KD’s already impressive hoops resume.

LeBron James – Miami Heat

2012-13 Stats: 26.8ppg  8.0rpg   7.3apg

The billed anti-hero of the NBA after deserting Cleveland Cavaliers high and dry in the summer of 2010, has now won over once skeptical detractors with yet another breathtaking MVP caliber showing in 2012-13. King James is a walking triple-double, and a premier defensive stopper; with the superstar swingman’s steals translating into highly-executed offense; whilst packing more dunks than an overseas Nike worker. At age 28, a second NBA title would further enable experts to herald LeBron (James) as one of the all-time elite on-court warriors.

Andre Iguodala – Denver Nuggets

2012-13 Stats:   13.0ppg  5.3rpg  5.4apg

Andre Iguodala has been vital for fifty six-win Denver Nuggets in 2012-13. Iggy (Andre Iguodala) is purely focused on the greater interest of team success, than padding personal stats; in order for Denver Nuggets to potentially claim their first NBA banner in franchise history. The point-forward-styled product of Arizona is credible evidence why the George Karl-coached, RockyMountain outfit has cruised into the post season. The dig-in, defensive persistence of Iguodala has drawn comparisons to 6-time NBA Champion and Hall of Famer, Scottie Pippen at various stages in his NBA career.

Monta Ellis – Milwaukee Bucks

2012-13 Stats:  19.2ppg  3.9rpg  6.0apg

Ellis has been the weapon of choice on offense for the perennially underrated Milwaukee Bucks in 2012-13, with creative scoring punch and athletic prowess to counter the dominant Heat in the first round of the Eastern Conference. Ellis is not phased by any measure in the upcoming, against-all-odds seven game series. His contributions cannot come into question for the Midwestern overachievers, who do the most with the least.

James Harden – Houston Rockets

2012-13 Stats: 25.9ppg  4.9rpg  5.8apg

Harden decidedly became his own man – and the man – after being in the eternal shadow of Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook during his tenure in Oklahoma. The gold medal-winning dream team 2012 member has been nothing short of incredible with his scoring exploits in H-Town.

Carmelo Anthony – New York Knicks

2012-13 Stats: 28.7ppg  6.9rpg  2.6 apg

Carmelo Anthony has delivered on promise with a surefire MVP-nominated year, leading the Knicks to a 53 win season. Anthony has performed phenomenal; as the in-prime small forward aims to bring a championship back to New York for the first time in over four decades.

Deron Williams – Brooklyn Nets

2012-13 Stats:  18.9ppg  3.0rpg  7.7apg

Deron Williams’ playmaking and shot-making has been well documented for the success of Brooklyn Nets. As the Nets foray into the playoffs for the first time since relocation from New Jersey, the red-hot regular season form of the point guard all but remains to be duplicated, as the battle-esque intensifaction rises to unforseen levels in the NBA playoffs.

Chris Paul – LA Clippers

2012-13 Stats:  16.9ppg  3.7rpg  9.7apg

The unselfish seven year professional point guard of the LA Clippers has remained as the glue that holds the Clippers unit together; with spellbinding play in allowing fellow teamates to become more actively involved beyond their own expectations. Chris Paul – along with Blake Griffin – is responsible for the overwhelmingly rampant 55 victories this year.

David Lee – GoldenState Warriors

2012-13 Stats: 18.5ppg  11.2rpg  3.5apg

Lee’s industrious, blue-collar workrate and rugged production ranks high on the richter-scale in a league where complacency and monetary overrides athletes ambition. A deft double-double player, with adeptness in distributing the ball selflessly to teamates, Lee sets ethics for Golden State Warriors teamates. A never-say-die, willing workhorse, who’s a drilled essential in the cog of the Bay Area ball team’s franchise.

Marc Gasol – Memphis Grizzlies

2012-13 Stats: 14.1ppg  7.8rpg  4.0apg

Marc Gasol has come into his own with yet another compelling season under his belt. In the vein of his brother – LA Lakers forward Pau Gasol – Marc (Gasol) posseses the legendary European-flavored pivot man passing finesse, which has caused the Spaniard to visualize open teamates with his uncanny, crystal clear court vision. His feel for the game and presense down the middle is a crucial component for Memphis Grizzlies in the post season; as his immense Albert Einstein-esque basketball IQ can change games with fundamental simplicity.

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