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Born and raised in South London, Varren Wade grew up with a solid grounding in the music industry under the wings of an accomplished musical family. The young and talented artist spent his early musical years in the MOBO nominated urban pop band Fun*dmental ‘03 (FDM) with hit singles including “Playground” and “Jump” and was known for his youthful and energetic stage performances, production and vocal prowess. After a few years of prepping, touring and opening for various artist such as the Sugababes, Kanye West, Nelly, Ne-Yo and many more FDM inked a record deal in the USA with Interscope/Geffen in 2007 which later took them into the hands of formidable singer-songwriter Ne-Yo and his imprint Compound Music Group. The doors opened for FDM and they began working on their album where they recorded songs written by Ne-Yo, James Fauntleroy and Frank Ocean.

After the group split in 2011 Varren took a year out from music and is now back in the studio completing his solo album and honing his musical skills as a singer and songwriter. Varren has since released his debut track “Rock N Roll” and brought in the new year with the release of “Beautiful World” and most recently “Polaroids Never Die” which are both featured on his upcoming album set to drop this year.

“This album is very personal and will take you on a journey of hardship, love, Troubles, fun and heartbreak all wrapped into one.“

– Varren Wade

TWD: Hey Varren, how you doing? How has your week been?

VARREN : Hey weeks been a bit crazy, think you picked the perfect week to ask… I’ve been up and down just shot another video too so yeah very eventful.

TWD So let’s talk about your new single “Polaroids Never Die”. Heard it and love it!! What the track about? Does it have a personal meaning to you?

VARREN : Thanks, glad ya like it. “Polaroids Never Die” or PND is a real fun track really. It’s about capturing a moment so that you can relive it in the future. It’s about meeting someone possibly for the first time and not being afraid to just get lost in it all.

TWD : When will the video be dropping and what’s the video concept for “Polaroids Never Die”?

VARREN : The video will be dropping real soon. I’m big on not letting the cat out the bag b4 it’s time, lets just say it’s coming and once it does I’ve got something else in the bag too! 😉

TWD : Your upcoming Album that features your latest tracks “Polaroid Never Dies “, Beautiful Word & Rock and Roll. Talk us through the preparation your putting towards the album and how would you describe the album?

VARREN : This album is very personal, to me but at the same time I don’t think that there is a song on there that won’t relate to someone out there. The creative process was emotionally driven and that’s how most of the song concepts came about, through real life experiences.

Sound wise ill just say wait and hear…

TWD : Being a songwriter, how do you get motivated to write your songs and with everything you do?

VARREN : As I said I tend to write from experience. If not that of my own then the experience of loved ones friends etc. I could be walking down the road and see a red bus and then randomly flip that in a song.


TWD : Do we have a date and name for the upcoming album yet?

VARREN : Can’t give a date just yet. But let’s say it’s going be a good summer, that’s if we ever get one here in the UK lol 🙂

TWD : I was and still am a big fan of FDM. Any possibility of a reunion?

VARREN : We are all just really focused on ourselves at the moment and it feels great. Anytime I see the boys we talk about what it would be like so I wouldn’t rule it out but we got loads of work to do on ourselves first.

TWD : Any exciting collaborations on the album?

VARREN : Your really trying hard to release this cat but I’m holding this bag tight hahahaha

TWD : HAHAHA REALLY Trying my luck .

TWD : Being from a successful Boyband FDM, a musical background and with the music industry changing by the day, do you feel the pressure with what the fans are expecting on the upcoming album?

VARREN : Honestly I don’t feel any pressure with what the fans are expecting. Really living in the moment and just enjoying the process… Those who feel it will feel it, “they’ll believe in this so I believe in them” kinda thing!

TWD : Who would you love to work with and why?


Plan b

Emili Sande


Andre 3000

Wiz khalifa

Biffy Clyro – just love the sonics of their music

TWD : When did you discover your love for music?

VARREN : I think that it’s always been there I don’t feel like I discovered it. I’ve always remembered just being in awe of it, I was submerged in it growing up so kinda had no choice.

TWD : What’s the best part and toughest part about being an artist?

VARREN : Best part is that I get to have an outlet for all my emotions be it love, joy, pain, happiness, sadness or just boredom. I get to let it all out in my music… Toughest part is probably not always being heard. As an artist I just want to share my experiences through song and express my feelings through music and it’s tough when people don’t get to hear it.

TWD : What do you do for fun besides music?

VARREN : I like to cook when I can be bothered to, go to the movies (absolute film geek) lol and just hanging out with my nieces

TWD : Interesting !

TWD : What do you think about the UK music scene right now?

VARREN : It’s booming, it’s a good place to be right now

TWD : What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

VARREN : I remember once being told the story about the man who dug for years for treasure, who gave up and threw down his tools only for someone else to pick them up and find gold a Cooke feet deeper. This story has stuck with me ever since, teaches me to never give up.

TWD : Thank you for the amazing interview and hope we hear from you soon .

VARREN : Thank you so much, twas my pleasure!

Polaroids Never Die

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