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ODF Clothing was founded in 2007 with the aim to make a stance in the eclectic fashion industry; providing style conscious individuals with the clothing line which does not constrain nor force our clientele to present themselves a specific way. On the contrary, they prefer to allow their customers of both genders to be diverse and celebrate being a pioneering individual. The latest collection from One Diverse Fashion embodies diversity, the ability to be proudly unique, yet ultimately depicting the epitome of fashion.


Although the brand is still developing, ODF aims to solve to evolve into a well known brand not just in Britain, but internationally. They have successfully established solid relationships with their customers, who appreciate and share their vision to be a fashion brand, which designs a quality and diverse range of garments to suit each of our lifestyles.

ODF Clothing clientele are a variety of young and influential fashion savvy individuals, who generally fall into the age group of 16- 35 .Each customer has their own style and vision for how they present their outfits, embodying their aim to be diverse and also proud of it .


With their own audience ad platforms ,most of their buyers are in sync with different forms of social media such as blogs and networking websites ; all of which they use to create awareness of the brand .


The official website http://odfclothing.com/ is continuously updated with the latest news ,images and designs from ODF’s collections. The Site also features fashion tips ,interviews and information on what the team is getting up to .ODF Clothing has an acutely targeted geographic distribution .

Website :http://www.odfclothing.com/

Twitter : https://twitter.com/odfclothinguk

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ODFClothing

Instagram: http://instagram.com/odfclothinguk

Tumblr : http://odfclothing.tumblr.com/

For further enquiries please contact

Nicholas “Supernova Dex “ Amfo ( Founder ) via email : info@odfclothing.com

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