Phreeda Sharp – 99 Problems

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Hackey-raised fiesty femcee Phreeda Sharp, 24, returns with ’99 Problems’; which is the first single lifted from anxiously awaited mixtape ‘Ruby, Sex & Vultures. Phreeda Sharp’s Jay-Z-inspired number vividly paints an empoweringly sassy female perspective throughout, as the British-Ghanaian rhymer confidently – and cockily – rides over the rambuctious, rowdy rock riffs of the now Rick Rubin-produced ‘Black Album’ classic.
’99 Problems’ continues the stellar momentum where the attitudinal rapstress’ mixtape ‘7 Days In The Life Of A Sharpshooter’ left urban observers on the edge of their seats; with heralded fan favorites: ‘Spilla’, Gun Fire’ and ‘Bad Jane’.
‘If you’re having boy problems I feel bad for you son, I’ve got 99 Problems but a prick ain’t one’. Priceless…

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