EVENTS :Flavour Mag Presents: Fugative – ‘Charlie Sheen’ launch party – Shaka Zulu

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Flavour Mag Presents: Fugative – ‘Charlie Sheen’ launch party – Shaka Zulu – March 29 – 9:30pm-2:00am

The spotlight ubiquitously beams brightly on Charlie Sheen. ‘Two and A Half Men’ is not what outlines this coming Friday night with its favored one-line, sarcasm-dripped diatribe. However, the poignant punchlines are about to extend beyond a mere thirty minutes…

March 29 rolls out the regal red carpet for the launch party for ‘Charlie Sheen’ – the brand new single from 19-year-old ‘O.T.T’ rhymer, Fugative.

Shaka Zulu plays divine hosts to the Loughton-born musician on this Friday night delight of entertainment; with BBC ‘The Voice’ star J. Marie Cooper making a very special guest appearance, as the 27-year-old songstress takes the stage to by storm to perform live.

Fugative cordially invites an abundant of party-inclined attendees to experience unparalleled euphoria with designated PA from the swaggering star, worldwide exclusives, and dignitary DJ’s; who will unquestionably raise the bar, rapidly rotating the most relevant, non-stop Hip-Hop, House and R&B cuts that matter today.

The must-see, marquee industry household names are guaranteed to be out in full force to stunningly strut their stuff at the go-to South African-themed, 27,000 square feet, Shaka Zulu hotspot – the largest African restaurant of its kind in London.

Flavour Magazine proudly sponsors Fugative ‘Charlie Sheen’ celebratory industry event on March 29 at Shaka Zulu. Rest assured, flavor is one word that is both synonymous and conveniently set in stone for this appetizingly Flavour Magazine featured all-star presentation

Fugative ‘Charlie Sheen’ Lauch Party Tickets:

Fugative Official Twitter: @Fugative

J. Marie Cooper Official Twitter: @J_MarieCooper

WRITTEN BY :  Dean Perretta [ @Dean2185 ]

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