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British Singer Ebony Day was recently announced as the Unsigned Winner of MTV Brand New for 2013 . 

After spending the last year at her parent’s home in Australia, Ebony is now back in the UK focusing on her music career. With big hopes and dreams for the future she is working hard at writing original music and developing herself as an artist. 

At the age of just 19 Ebony Day has racked up over 19 million video views and 150,000 subscribers on YouTube.  By covering a mix of her favourite songs Ebony has grown a huge, dedicated fan base that spreads across the globe. With the help of her loving fans Ebony has had opportunities that every unsigned artist could only dream of such as performing in Nashville, Sydney and London. 

Ebony is now well on her way to success and hopes that she can inspire young people into following their dreams by showing that anything is possible with determination and hard work. 

TWD: MTV announced Ebony Day victorious in the unsigned 2013 contest. Can you recall where you were initially when you first received on word on this blockbuster announcement? 

EBONY : When I found out that I had won MTV’s Brand New, I was at my managers house. We’d stayed up until 4am the night before talking to my fans on a live broadcast, and calling a few selected people to thank them for continuously voting for the past month. When we got the call from MTV, I was so happy and called my parents straight away. They live in Australia, so it was late at night for them but they shared my excitement.

TWD: Nashville, TN is among the richly historic entertainment cities where you’ve performed sold-out shows (Teen Hoot). What was your first impression of ‘Music City’? 

EBONY : Nashville is one of my favourite places in the world, everyone is so friendly and welcoming and the whole vibe is amazing! I love how you can walk down one street and hear so many people busking as you walk along, its great! I have a guitar key ring from one of the shops there, so whenever i go home I’m reminded of Nashville! I hope to go back there soon!

TWD : YouTube has helped skyrocket your profile with over 19 million views from around the globe; which includes exclusive mini web series ‘A Month With Ebony Day’, Billboard chart acoustic covers, and documented adventures with your extensive legion of loyal supporters – What do you believe is the primary reason why listeners gravitate so strongly to your art? 

EBONY : I think people have got so attached to me and my YouTube is because I show my fans who I am.  I want my fans to be my friends, so I have no problem with letting them into my life completely. At the end of the day, they have given me this new life that I’m living, so i feel they should get to see what I’m doing as much as possible! Without them I would still have a job as a school cleaner, so I will literally do anything to make them happy 🙂

TWD: On April 6 you take the stage by storm live at The Borderline in West London. What do you have locked in store for this forthcoming big show? 

EBONY : My band and I have been practising so hard. I have so many things in store for the show, I’m going to be doing a mix of covers, but also perform some of my brand new original music. I’m so excited for people to hear what I’ve been working on!

TWD : Do you currently have any tentative release dates for your awaited debut album? 

EBONY : The original plan was to release a single in early April. However,  I feel like I was  rushing decisions, and I don’t want to release something that’s not perfect…so right now I’m just trying to find the right song to release first. I’ll only get one shot, so i don’t want to mess it up! Hopefully in the next couple of months I’ll have a single released, and then an EP to follow!

TWD : Who do you cite as your all-time artistic inspirations? 

EBONY : Justin Bieber is a huge inspiration to me. I found his YouTube videos when I was 14 and I’ve seen him grow for the past 6 years; from being so unknown to selling out world tours. Ultimately, that is what I would like to achieve as my career progresses. I love the way that he treats his fans, and I’m a big fan of his music; so for me Justin Bieber is a big inspiration, and i hope that one day I can be as successful as he is

TWD : Who would you consider the most famous contact on your Blackberry? 

EBONY : I don’t really have an famous contacts on my phone. I’m way too shy to ask people for their number when i meet them haha! I have a lot of YouTube artists on my phone but thats about it 🙂


TWD: At 19 years of age, you’re reputation is rapidly enhancing within the music industry. What are your aspirations for the future that lies ahead in your career? 

EBONY : Honestly, I’m just taking every day as it comes. I’m young and I’m working hard to craft my talent, and be the best that I can be. All these things that have happened recently have taken me by surprise, and I feel so honoured to be achieving such things. This year is all about making music and finding my sound. Ultimately, I would like to have a world tour, but I know thats a long way away. If i keep working hard and my fans keep being wonderful, then i think anything is possible. The sky’s the limit!

TWD : Most recently you served as guest supporting act for Australian singing sensation Cody Simpson and British R&B/Pop trio Stooshe at the HMV institute in Birmingham. What was the defining element for you on this unforgettable night? 
EBONY : Everything at those gigs was so perfect! Just being giving to opportunity to perform meant a lot to me, but I would say the most defining moment would be when the crowd sings along. Hearing an arena full of people singing all at once makes me so happy, that I can’t help but smile when that happens!

TWD : Genuine humility and sheer modesty are characteristics that have come to define Ebony Day. What remains to keep you vastly grounded in a often circus show-type industry?  
EBONY : I’ll never be that girl who goes around bragging about things that have happened, or boasting about who I’ve met. Because yeah, It might be interesting, but I doubt my friends are going to want to hear about it a billion times a day. I just live my life like a normal person – I go to school, I eat food, I sing and then I sleep. Being known as cocky would honestly be my worst nightmare, and if i ever showed signs of being unmodest i know my family would bring me straight back down to earth. My parents have raised me to just be thankful for every opportunity, and they always tell me to be myself and to be real because people can relate to that. I’ll always stay this way no matter how crazy the industry is 🙂

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WRITTEN BY :  Dean Perretta [ @Dean2185 ]

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