Comic Relief: Red Alert – March 15

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Comic Relief Day: Red Alert – March 15 – BBC One

The global alert for the international fun-fixated charity ‘Comic Relief Day’ is implemented annually on March 15 on BBC One; which commemorates the twenty seventh anniversary of the successful philanthropic institutional cause to make make a vast difference via the power of public generosity and the magnetic magnitude of all-star celebrity involvement from: Jessie J, Russell Brand, Ricky Gervais, Johnathan Ross, One Direction and Michael McIntyre.

In the last six comic relief campaigns, £1m has been raised collectively throughout; along with British publication Radio Times creating funds of £212,000 singularly in 2011 alone.

Comic relief has selflessly assisted 48 million less than fortunate individuals beyond all corners of the earth; including solving the decayed-ridden, poverty-stricken town Kadana in third-world Uganda; where pentavalent vaccinations expediture is approximately £5, yet will continue to shift the turbulent tide of the less than lavish lifestyle of perilled nations, grouped with those physically debacled.


Approximately 500,000 women are to be aided by the British government after announcing the governing body will match pound-for-pound for every donation raised; thus preventing intense physically abuse and violence against women, creating safer child births for mothers and children, provide sustainable living existence, and a finer education to some of the most desolated countries in the world.

‘The kids love it because they can go to school in motley, or dressed as their sister, or like a dog. They can say ‘wibble’ at the end of every sentence if they want, as long as they’re sponsored. They can wear red wigs and pyjamas. It’s the world turned upside down’ said Birmingham-born Comic and co-founder of Comic Relief, Lenny Henry, 54.

Jessie J prepares to shave her head for Red Nose Day 2013-1752279.png

Theorhetically, If every United Kingdom citizen donated just £10, £600m could be potentially raised combating many societies unfair eniquity this Friday at the nationwide charitable agenda – Comic Relief 2013.

Lampooned parodied sketches of BBC hit shows, sophomoric, tomfoolery-bufoonery of marquee stars being stupendously slimed, and in a road less travelled – ‘The Voice’ superstar Jessie J – Courageously cutting her hair to collect donations for a much-needed cause than her own.

‘Skyfall’ megastar Daniel Craig, British pop group Take That, and Tony Blair have previously extended their heralded hands to Comic Relief, by donating to the international cause. One Direction scored a number one hit on BBC Official UK Top 40 with Blondie classic ‘One Way Or Another’; where all non-profitable proceeds went to the ‘Comic Relief’ appeal.


‘One of my favorite memories of Red nose day was the Hugh Grant and Dawn French kiss. I watched it with a group of friends, all willing Dawn (French) to raise £1m to kiss hunky Hugh (Grant). We raised it and she got her kiss to high-decibel screams of teenage jealousy’ noted actress, Miranda Hart (‘Call The Midwife’, Miranda’)

Since Comic Relief’s inception in December 25, 1985; which was aired in a refugee camp in war-torn Sudan, a bevy of beloved celebrities and media personas have provided zany, unconvential, unmistakably trademark British humor and originality to the content of classic Comic Relief programming. This Friday’s charitable extravaganza see’s a cook-off between Jack Whitehall and Micky Flanaghan, pop promo from Peter Kay, ‘American Idol’ media mogul Simon Cowell getting married to a mystery bride, and live musical performances all locked in store.

It’s far greater to give than to receive. It’s relatively simple: Comic Relief…You laugh…you donate…you lead facilitation for a brighter tomorrow.

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