#TWDSPORTS: The Rock vs. John Cena – Wrestlemania 29: Tale Of The Tape‏

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The canvas-bumping battle between two in-prime athletes of their respective generations, embedded an iconic roller coaster recollection of emotions in sun-kissed South Beach during the most must-see main event in sports-entertainment history at Wrestlemania 28 (April 1, 2012). Historically speaking, the sporting universe never had the marvelled luxury to witness either: Babe Ruth vs. Barry Bonds, Muhammad Ali vs. ‘Iron’ Mike Tyson, or Michael Jordan vs. LeBron James.

The Rock vs. John Cena at Wrestlemania 28 was quite simple ‘Once in a lifetime’; considering as The Rock ushered reinvention with the cutting-edge and iconic ‘Attitude Era’, returned to the WWE Wrestlemania spotlight after nine years of international box-office buck-garnering, whilst claiming an exclamation point on his untainted legacy after defeating Cena with a tantalizing Rock Bottom in his hometown of Miami, FL. Wrestlemania 28 scored an impressive 1.3m relating to pay-per-view buyrates, with an unprecedented global revenue of $67m accumulated for the annual juggernaut.

John Cena, the polarizingly popular multimedia superstar, optimistic that lightning won’t strike twice; as both the chaing gang commander and ‘The Great One’  are now officially set for another collision course in a highly touted rematch sequel to ‘Once In A Lifetime’ in Metlife Stadium in New York/New Jersey at Wrestlemania 29 on April 7.

Both WWE superstars have appeared at exactly nine Wrestlemania extravaganzas in their successful careers, with win-loss records of 5-4 (The Rock) and 6-3 (John Cena) that equates to an impressive 55% percent and 66% in regard to statistical evidence. Cena has courageously dethroned The Big Show, JBL, Triple H, ‘HBK’ Shawn Michaels and Batista; moreover The Rock has scored gutsy, nail-biting victories over ‘Stonecold’ Steve Austin and ‘Hollywood’ Hulk Hogan in immortalized bouts.

Despite their differences in the ring, both superstars are far more similar outside of the squared-circle. Dwayne Johnson ,40, is a bonifide A-list red carpeter with ‘GI Joe: Retaliation’, ‘Snitch’, ‘Fast & Furious: 6’, ‘Journey 2’ and ‘Pain and Gain’ accredited on his lengthy list of worldwide blockbusters. Likewise, John Cena, 35, has starred in ‘The Marine’, ‘Fred The Movie: 2’, ‘Legendary’, ’12 Rounds’ and ‘The Reunion’ which has showcased the West Newbury, Massachussets-raised entertainers action-driven acting chops on the silver screen.

Dwayne Johnson holds a eyebrow-raising estimated net worth of $82m, with a collective 2.1 billion grossed via motion pictures alone. John Cena valued at an equally astounding $20m, with $40m received on flicks in contrast to his Miamian counterpart. Fruity Pebbles, Gillette and Subway have partnered and amassed fortune with Cena; making him the face of the PG-era WWE universe era. ‘Mentos’ and most recently, ‘Got Milk?’ cut lucrative deals with ‘The People’s Champion’; with an exclusive NFL Superbowl XLVII commercial spot that premiered on February 3, before 108m viewers tuned into the game in the United States alone.

Last year, these two celebrated sports-entertainers went back and forth on social media, exchanging disparaging putdowns and satirical segments aimed to taunt, humiliate and undermine. However, the statistics don’t lie – The Rock: Twitter: 4.1m, Facebook 8.1m, TOUT: 38,000. John Cena: Twitter: 3.4m, Facebook 14.2m, TOUT 128,000. Cena’s appeal on Facebook eclipses that of Paris St. Germain soccer star David Beckham, and LA Lakers all-star Kobe Bryant; as Cena claimed third place in Facebook’s Top 10 Athletes list.

Musicality has consumed both mens career parallels. ‘You Can’t See Me’ by John Cena & Tha Trademarc has shifted over 1.3m units since its 2005 release; where it debuted #15 on Billboard Hot 200 Album charts. ‘Bad Bad Man’ featuring Bumpy Knuckles (Freddie Foxxx) among ‘Right Now’ shown the sheer street-credibility from the 10-time WWE Champion. Not withstanding hosting awards shows, The Rock’s pop musical watermark is ‘It Doesn’t Matter’ with Wyclef Jean; which made its presence felt on MTV and radio in 2000.

It’s always better to give, than to receive. The philanthropic generosity by both megastars reads volumes – Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson donated $1m to the University of Miami to fund for superior football facilities; as that is where Johnson was a NCAA football national champion – as well as founding the Dwayne Johnson Rock Foundation in 2006. Anti-bullying campaign leaders ‘Be A Star Alliance’ is advocated by John Cena; where he actively promotes to erradicate intolerance with inspirational messages and words of wisdom for youths who are tormented on a regular basis by their peers.

‘The Make A Wish Foundation’ proudly declares celebrity ambassador, John Cena, as the most requested entertainer with over 300 young dreams granted.

In the meantime, for the WWE universe, their undying wish has officially been granted – John Cena vs. The Rock at Wrestlemania 29. Dreams do come true…

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