#TWDMOVIES: “This Is 40” (REVIEW )

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Director: Judd Apatow

Starring: Leslie Mann, Paul Rudd, Megan Fox, Jason Segal, Albert Brooks, Charleyne Yi

Runtime: 133 minutes

Life begins at 40…or so you thought. Judd Apatow directed ‘Knocked Up’ spin-off sequel ‘This Is 40’ presents mid-life crisis in a comedic snapshot. Debbie (Leslie Mann) and Pete (Paul Rudd) fall prone into a whirlwind traumatic talespin; as they prepare to turn forty in the same week, with the couple investing high octane emotions in a highly-charged marital spring clean, after raising 13-year-old, Sadie (Maude Apatow) and eight-year-old Charlotte (Irish Apatow).

‘I’m exploring anger. In a lot of comedies, women are objects of worship, or gorgeous…but can’t find a man. There’s something dishonest about it. It’s interesting to show how annoying guys are to women. If you’re with a man who’s immature, it’s going to piss you off. I find that funny’ stated director Judd Apatow (‘Superbad’, ‘Anchorman’, Bridesmaids’)

Outsiders general perception of Pete and Debbie is not what meets their often naive eye. The life of assigned personal trainers, a mansion-scaled abode and technological status symbols are an element of the pretentious falsification of unity and faux-happiness that is apparent to their friends, neighbors and family.

With Pete undergoing strenuous issues which are slowing but surely coming to fruition, and chipping at him away whilst working for a record label, the dismal underperforming sales figures and pale profits add to his woes. Debbie’s very own self-assessment of her life, as much as coming to terms with the hands of time; will invariably resonate with viewers who’ve looked bravely in retrospection, and marvelled at what the true essence of life is all about.

The film sensationalizes, as well as spotlights, the couples martial union experiences – with both its very high and not so high points – yet their pursuit-of-happiness predicament can be visualized through less than somber binoculars; with a marijuana-laced vacation, and Pete intimately and gallantly gazing at his genetalia in a mirror in the vein of Jason Segel in ‘Forgetting Sarah Marshall’, who ironically appears as Debbie’s friend; who offers sterling moral support such as: advocating exercise and suggesting vacationing to relieve the daily anguish that has built around the couples lives.

‘This Is 40’ continues the template of a standard romantic-comedy Apatow production, with the sophmoric, bathroom banter still present despite its reality-crushing theme. The King of Hollywood comedy has delivered another precision-tooled laugh-a-minute picture that will engage even with those who have not experienced this life-changing milestone…Age is nothing but a number!

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 WRITTEN BY :  Dean Perretta [ @Dean2185 ]

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