#TWDEVENTS : New York Comedy Kings – The Troxy (Review)

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The New York Comedy Kings valentines showcase hosted at 2,000 seated The Troxy (London) spotlighted the lynchpins in comedic entertainment circles for a one-night-stand of obnoxiously abrasive, hilarity-packed crass onslaught, with no apologies for the fainted heart.

DJ Simple Simon rapidly rotated hard-hitting contemporary and classic Hip-Hop/R&B cuts, both prior and throughout the romantic themed sensual segments for each respective performer. DJ CLK assumed crowd control dictating on the decks; as both disc spinners were incorporated into music-oriented material, letting the bass-heavy beats drop for Def Comedy Jam alumni, Talent Harris, to accurately impersonate The Notorious B.I.G with ‘Juicy’ and ‘Hypnotize’.

Harris analytically stressed how metamorphic physiqued dancers in clubs have near non-existent mobility; which lead the comic to specifically pin-point a member from the audience, and instantly branded him ‘Tank’. Soulful R&B crooners were subject of mockery due to orgasmically whispering on trademark hits to pander to impressionable and giddy Females, which was sarcastically mimicked by the Big Apple native. Talent Harris served as a formidable hypeman with his solid stage command, overbearing New York attitude and blatantly booming tone.

Kenny Williams followed suit questioning the intent of bars. His answer? For those who want to get hooked-up due to their insatiable thirst for…love making! Williams’ interaction with the sold-out London crowd was justifiably poetry in motion; as the ribs started to up the ante at the audiences expense once more with no return. A red-suited spectator fell victim of the butt of jokes throughout due to his questionable fashion awareness. Kenny Williams announced ‘I would have worn something like that…back it ’88’. Furthermore, the unexpected recipient of banter was informed that ‘Austin Powers wants his outfit back right away’, much to the appeasement of the invigorated viewers.

Misha B was the star guest musical act; who took the stage performing two hits: ‘Do You Think Of Me’ and  brand new single ‘Heres To Everything’. ‘The X-Factor’ superstar unleashed her pure vocal powerhouse pipes effortlessly, and combined an element of showmanship by way of liberated dance moves, and a self-assured confidence that warranted an ovation from all-comers for the 21-year-old Manchunian.

Nasal-voiced , Drew Fraser, shifted attention to urban dietary, with chicken being on top of his humorous agenda. Alluding to Madcow Disease, Fraser speculated ‘Can you even begin to imagine how much weight Black folks lost during all of that?’. In addition, he hypothetically posed ‘What if White folks had no spinach?’. The one-time winner of ‘New York’s Funniest Male Comedian’ touched on subjects which are traditionally confined to living rooms, yet publically they were dissected open-mindedly for all to see.

Capone Lee, fresh off 4-time NBA champion Shaquille O’Neal’s Comedy Tour, issued some of the most agonizingly painful laughs courtesy of his salacious set. Interracial intercourse was the excessive indulgence of the ‘Paper Soldiers’ starring funnyman. Lee personally explored verbal sex scenarios with various ethnic groups including: Black, Latina, White and Asian.

‘Black women are real competitive in the cut’ Lee boasted whilst confirming that ‘A German woman would scream like she had just seen a horror movie’. He delved into media myths of African-American manhood; which pushed the envelope beyond Rated-R.

Romance with big-boned women was also addressed, as the loud-mouthed Capone Lee urged his plus-size love interest to ‘Lay on the (expletive) ground’ due to his insistence of not wanting to decimate his spine.

Exclusive performances from acclaimed British comic, Slim, and Jamaican comedienne, Felicity Ethnic, were equally as captivating. Slim expressed how soccer stars of color receive in the region of £120,000 weekly, yet bemoan about verbal intolerance and fruit being directly hurled. Other shared tales about Slim’s out-of-touch Caribbean Grandpa; who was not informed of Bruce Lee’s iconic demise until watching ‘Rush Hour’ was organically creative, and shown poise in the art of structured story-telling.

New York Comedy Kings have played at The Apollo Theater, BET Comic View, and have appeared in noteworthy motion pictures. The Troxy proved a compatible collection for the uber-skilled East-Coast showmen inside the credible East-end located entertainment Mecca. Let’s hear it for New York!

WRITTEN BY :  Dean Perretta [ @Dean2185 ]

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