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L-R Kuly, Manj, Surj

RDB has come a long way in becoming one of the leading South Asian Producers, Musicians, Singers and Entertainers in the world. The group was formed in 2000 by three Punjabi Sikh brothers Kuly, Manj and Surj who were introduced to music at a young age by their father who taught them to sing religious songs and play the harmonium in their Gurdwara (Temple).

RDB, which stands for Rhythm Dhol Bass, was envisioned to bring audiences around the world a new genre of music. They are extremely talented and amazing entertainers who have worked along side several celebrity singers and actors, not only in the east coast but also in the west; Akshay Kumar, Snoop Dogg, Public Enemy are only a few of them.

With almost a decade of hits under their belt, millions of unofficial sales worldwide and having toured all corners of the earth (UK, Belgium, Germany, Norway, Canada, USA, South America, New Zealand, Australia, Malaysia, Philippines, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Dubai, India, Pakistan and Kenya),
RDB is escalating to new heights, as they are pioneers in the history of music, mashing South Asian music with American Hip Hop, which is the RDB sound.

TWD : Hey guys, how you doing, what you been up to this week?

RDB : We are great thank you. We have been keeping busy in the studio experimenting with some new beats and getting over our hectic schedule during the busy Christmas period.  We have been in India performing as well as Dubai for the Kandy White New Year’s Eve Party which was fantastic!

TWD : Now your most recent single “Sharabi “ ,I totally love it !!! How’s the response been?

RDB : Thank you for the lovely comment! Sharabi has had an awesome response not just nationally but internationally too. Now that ITunes is readily available in the Middle East, we are able to share our sounds with our growing international fan base.

 TWD :  You recently came down for a show in UAE, how was it? The fans, the support and just being in UAE for New Years?

RDB : It was absolutely magnificent. We had so much fun performing in the UAE and the fans are an absolute blast! The support and love that we have received has been overwhelming and we can’t thank our fans enough for this.

TWD :  What does “Sharabi“ mean by the way?

RDB : Sharabi is an upbeat party track and it means just that.  Sharabi encompasses that moment when you are out at a party and you can truly let your hair down.

TWD :   Being an international success and having hits with international super stars such as “Snoop Dogg ‘”, how do you all manage to stay humbled and motivated with the success?

RDB : With great success comes great responsibilities and to oversee this we always make sure to stay grounded and humble. We always encourage and motivate one another and believe that family is the most important.  We have a strong bond and are grateful of the opportunities that have come our way.  In the industry, you have to stay humble because success can be pulled away as quickly as it is made.  It’s all about hard work and determination not complacency.


 TWD :  It’s never easy getting along with siblings, like never! lol ,how do you all stay close and not let personal issues or anything let the group fall apart ?

RDB : We all have our moments and of course fall out at times, but we take it as a learning curve and reflect from the situation. We all have our strengths and weaknesses and we acknowledge these and use them to our advantage rather than our downfall.  Unity is a key thing for us, to remain together as one.  RDB is made out of group work, and this is the only way the RDB sound can carry on.

TWD : Where do you see Bhangra Music and RDB in five years time?

RDB : The music industry is always changing. There’s a lot of different fusions being blended with both classical and western tunes and we hope that we continue to pioneer the RDB sound internationally.

TWD : Which artist from anywhere would you love to work with?

RDB : We would have loved to work with Michael Jackson as he was and is still one of the greatest inspirations to the worldwide music fraternity. Other than that, we would love to collaborate with Pittbull and David Guetta who we think are complete musical geniuses of our time.  They think outside the box and we feel that is in keeping with the RDB sound.

TWD : Tell us what’s the best experience you’ve had in any of the countries you’ve performed in and the funniest experience.

RDB : Our experience in Pakistan is always a great one.  One that sticks out is our tour in 2006 where we achieved one of our highest crowd turnouts, close to 400,000 in total. The funniest is when the joker of the team was around. Kuly was the one who would always put a smile on our faces and lighten the load of any intense situation.

TWD : This year just begun, anyone got any New Year resolution for the year?

RDB : Resolutions are made to be broken, so no resolutions just commitments to achieve more chart topping beats and entertain more crowds.

TWD :  Any exciting projects for 2013?

RDB :  2013 is going to be a year packed full of excitement – more tours, beats and a brand new album! You’ll just have to watch this space for more.





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