#TWDSPORTS : NBA All-Star Dunk Contest: Top 10

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Vince Carter (2000)

Half man,half amazing. Vinsanity at the peak of his graceful aerial acrobatics silenced Oakland, CA with the greatest individual performance in the history of the NBA dunk contest. The lane served as Carter’s runway, defying gravity as the product of North Carolina rocked the ring by plunging his entire arm in the basket. The Di Vinci of dunking.

Michael Jordan (1988)

The UnitedCenter in Chicago, IL provided a dunk-off duel between Michael Jordan and Dominique Wilkins. ‘His Airness’ ousted his Atlanta Hawks adversary with a ‘Kiss the Rim’ to seal Wilkins fate; securing consecutive dunk titles (1987, 1988)

Jason Richardson (2003)

Jason Richardson’s finest hour. J-Rich seemingly executing an X-Box-like manoever with a reverse between the legs throw down in Atlanta; which even Nadia Comaneci would score a perfect 10 for athletic in-air adjustment and poise.

Nate Robinson  (2006)

The physical yet brash underdog standing at a mere 5’8 stood above and beyond his towering counterparts claiming honors in 2006. The menacing scowl, the swaggering jersey popping, gum-bumping bravado, Hip-Hop hand symbolism was the icing on the cake as Robinson leaped over Spub Webb; whilst sporting the Atlanta Hawks legends jersey…priceless.

Julius Erving (1976)

Smoother than Shaft with distinct six inch disco-era afro, Dr. J, operated glitteringly at the 1976 contest with creativity and powerful finesse slams. The free-throw line glide has been often imitated, but never duplicated. Clutching the basketball like a peach, the doctor entertained in the inception jam session as he resided over challengers.

Dominique Wilkins (1986)

The windmill jam is synonymous with ‘The Human highlight film’. Dallas, TX was on the edge on their seats as Wilkins’ Hawks team-mate, Spub Webb, narrowly came up short in the legendary showdown.

Dwight Howard  (2009)

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? It’s Superman. Dwight Howard became the first NBA player standing taller than 6’10 to claim the crowd since Larry Nance in the 1980’s. Howard’s charisma, craftily employed gimmicks and hang time body language punctuated a Superman effort.

Dee Brown  (1991)

Retro pumps in the NBA All-star weekend   conjures the image of one Dee Brown. The blind-folded benchmark from the Celtics guard urged Cedric Ceballos to emulate the same feat…whilst peeking.

Kobe Bryant (1997)

A then 18-year-old rookie named, Kobe Bryant, didn’t conduct himself like an athlete fresh from high school. This elegant showing in Cleveland, OH catapulted Bryant to the next plateau after an effortlessly refined through-the-legs flush that eclipsed Isaiah Rider’s interpretation three years prior.

Blake Griffin (2011)

A human dunking robot with springs for legs, skying over vehicles like Liu Xiung does with hurdles – It’s none other than LA Clippers All-Star, Blake Griffin. This now iconic dare-devil dunk had the world talking…and tweeting.

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