TWDMOVIE : Django Unchained – Review

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Quentin Tarrantino claims a heralded history of directorial credible credentials – ‘Inglorious Basterds’ (2009), ‘Kill Bill’ (2003), ‘Pulp Fiction’ (1994) and ‘Resevoir Dogs’ (1992).

Pre-Civil War in the defiant deep south is the history microscopically explored and brought to life in this brutally gun-toting, bounty hunting, revengeful drama; lurking with charmingly rugged landscapes and rich all-star assembly that is known as ‘Django Unchained’

‘I’ve always wanted to do a Western. The violence, the surrealism, the cool music and all that stuff’ explains Tarrantino about his 13-year conceived concept.

Django (Jamie Foxx) is an opressed slave from an uncivilized plantation come gun-slinging, trigger-happy outlaw in search of his beloved wife (Kerry Washington); whilst seeking vile retribution. Leonardo Di Caprio convingingly portays unredeemable plantation owner with Django’s other half in his dreaded, dead-end domain.

Former dentist, Dr. King (Christoph Waltz) turned chaing gang leader joins forces with Django on the road to righteousness.

‘Django’ initially made its cinematic mark in the 1960’s, then two decades thereafter in the 1980’s, courtesy of Franco Nero.

History beckons to repeat itself, as Quentin Tarrantino redefines his own film making portfolio to stake excess claims throughout award season. ‘Django Unchained’ appears to be no generic spaghetti western…It’s a Southern-sizzling, shoot-em’up that fires on all cylinders.

Written By Dean Perretta [ @Dean2185 ]

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