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Singer, songwriter, rapper and now label boss, Bristol-born, Tanya Lacey is definitely heading places. Growing up in the tough St Paul’s district of the city, famed for its riots in the ‘80s, but also for its multi-cultural community.

Tanya is continuing to write for other artists following her publishing deal with BMG Chrysalis, recent credits include Stooshe, Nikki Williams and Cover Drive. But the focus for Tanya right now is stepping into the spotlight in her own right with The Head Chef EP. Her time is now.

TWD :   Welcome, Tanya. It’s a privilege to have a moment of your time. How has this week been for you overall?
TL : Hey! It’s been busy! Can’t complain did a fun shoot for “More Magazine”
And have been in the studio for pretty much the rest of the week.

TWD : You recently launched your brand new EP album (‘Head Chef EP’). Can you clarify the meaning behind the title ‘Head Chef’

TL : So I decided to call my EP HEADCHEF because this EP was my chance to show a bit of diversity musically as I am influenced by lots of different genres such as Reggae /pop/R&B/Soul and HipHop.

I feel like the creative process of making music is similar to being on a kitchen making a dish .you have different ingredients and spices ,the same with Music, you have different drums/instruments, HEADCHEF is  about me taking control of what happens in the Kitchen Aka: The Studio. It’s about having creative control.

TWD : Initially, what was the response when you first heard that ‘How We Roll’ (Loick Essien ft. Tanya Lacey) was a major hit (UK Official Top 40 – Peak: #2)?

: It was surreal, it didn’t actually hit me until a few weeks after.

TWD : You are currently signed to Sony Entertainment. What is the most memorable advice you’ve received thus far being part of such an elusive media conglomerate?

TL : I’m currently independent! I’m grateful for the amazing experiences I had whilst signed to Sony-Traveling around the world working with some of the best in the Industry was a very humbling experience.

TWD : New single ‘Good Man’ featuring RoxXxan is currently receiving a warmly receptive response. What do you feel the Birmingham-born femcee brought to the plate on this track?

TL : RoxXan is a strong Firey character and that’s what I’m attracted to, she works hard and I think she’s a talented “Femcee”  so when she jumped on the track I feel like she brought that energy and it complimented the track.

TWD: The fact you compose your own material is admirable. As a perfectionist, how long does it take to create a melody which you’re more than satisfied with?

Thank you! It really varies .sometimes I get a melodic hook that is instant and then I try and come back with an ever better hookier melody and it doesn’t cut it. I go with what feels right to me.

TWD : As a Piscean, which characteristic trait of the sign personifies you most as an individual?

I’m such a day dreamer. Sometimes I just “zone out” randomly.

TWD : During adolescent years, which act did you appear to emulate and channel most as a child when performing live in the presence of family members and friends?

TL : It’s a toss up between TLC and early Destiny’s Child. I loved them all!

TWD : : Can you recall the most awkward encounter whilst on stage during a live show?

TL : I performed last Halloween and was wearing a skin tight Latex dress .it was so hot on stage my legs were sweating .I Actually questioned whether I had pissed myself.

TWD : ‘Letter To My Ex’ and ‘Greatness’ have already become bold waterwarks and signature songs in your career. Which song from ‘Head Chef EP’ is currently your personal favorite to perform live?

: I like ending my set’s on a high so uptempo tracks like “Stopstart” are fun to perform ,the D&B element usually gets people moving.

TWD : Rihanna – ‘Diamonds’. Recording such a masterful acoustic cover with rewritten verses of this beloved international smash has drawn a lot of attention. Are there any other songs which you long to cover in the not so distant future?

TL : Look out for my cover of “Girl on Fire” 😉

: As a Briton of Antiguan descent, which Caribbean based musician would mesh with Tanya Lacey?

TL : I’m feeling Konshens at the moment.
Tanya’s ‘Head Chef’ Deluxe EP is out now on itunes at this link:

Check out  Tanya Lacey’s recent video for “Girl on Fire “
Keep up to date with Tanya’s Journey
Twitter : @TanyaLacey

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