FEATURE FOCUS : M.R. Essojay rewrites definition of Man Flu

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M.R. Essojay rewrites definition of Man Flu

M.R. Essojay

Self published under the umbrella of his very own JusMe Creations, M.R. Essojay makes his debut into the writing world with an entertaining fictional novel about the struggles of a relationship plagued with unfaithfulness.

‘I once heard that the act of cheating, adultery or unfaithfulness is a disease that human beings find difficult to get rid of once they contract it. This was the opinion of a woman who strongly believed in the concept that her partner simply couldn’t help himself. By no means am I suggesting that women don’t fall under the same category; women cheat too. However, when men do it – once they contract this so-called virus, the effects are considerably greater and more damaging. In effect, women can get the flu; but man flu is a whole new experience.’

Front Cover

The urban fiction tells how Timi, a young adult from the ‘hood’ finally escapes the clutch of his fiery ex girlfriend only to be drawn back into a relationship by the skirt-suited, high-heeled banker who initially appears out of his league. Man Flu – The Book invites you to witness the thrills, humour, romance and some of the deepest of relationship issues that the storyline touches on.

M.R. Essojay collaborates with Femi Oyeniran (Kidulthood, Adulthood) to bring teasing visuals to the slick words and provoking storyline that Man Flu – The Book delivers.

Paperback versions of the book are currently available for purchase online from November 2012.  Visit 


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