Certified UK Presents – Y.O.L.O Therapy

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Y.O.L.O THERAPY - Official Poster

Y.O.L.O Therapy plays host to a new wealth of British talent, starring gifted and emerging actors Michael Salami, Max Calandrew, Sanchez Brown, Sarah Alexandra Marks and Camilla De Oliveira. The film also features guest appearances from Remel London (nominated Best Presenter at the BEFFTA Awards) and George The Poet (BBC Hackney Film). The film is written by Sanchez Brown, directed by Daniel Bailey and produced by Nonso Okolo. The concept of the film is inspired by a mass trending acronym which has the youth of today acting without thought or realisation to consequences of their behaviour.


Y.O.L.O Therapy is a fresh breed of British short Film that deals with the effects and consequences of the epidemic acronym Y.O.L.O (You Only Live Once) within young adults ranging from 16-28 years of age. The film aims to educate and inform people that the acronym ‘Y.O.L.O’ does not have to be used as an excuse for negative behaviour but can also be used in a positive light to inspire change.

Y.O.L.O Therapy: A comedic drama involving an array of emotions that will have you “LOL” (ing) at the Y.O.L.O moments of madness. It is based around four central characters that have been affected by the Y.O.L.O endemic. Oliver, Jamal, Michelle and Paul have all been referred to a counselling session to discuss their Y.O.L.O experiences with the hope of finding a cure for their previous reckless behavioUr  Flashbacks explore each characters individual “Y.O.L.O” experience which portray their actions and later showing the consequences of their behaviour which have lead them to requiring ‘Y.O.L.O Therapy.’

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