EVENT REVIEW : Phreeda Sharp/ Hoxton Square Bar

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673106920The self-proclaimed ‘Bad Jane Of Rap’ entertained Hoxton square bar in what was the Hackney-raised supersonic spitters most awaited supershow of the fast-rising musicians burgeoning career.

Phreeda Sharp, 24, answered all questions instantly, as the sea of support including ‘Anybody Out There’ duo MK1 (‘The X-Factor’), Marilyn Okoro (800m European Medalist), Rikki Fifton (200m Team GB athlete) among many others notable figures were in attendance for this sold-out, one night only event.

Signature anthem ‘Bad Jane’ was the party starter, as it incited a reaction which would later correspond with multiple other tracks from the French-Ghanaian’s acclaimed body of bass-bumping bold material. Cult favorite ‘Bouji Gully Chic’ with it’s throwback, super Nintendo snare roll was creatively reminiscent of a heyday Missy Elliott number in terms of radically going against the grain and vogue of pop culture, simulataneously marching to the beat of her own drum with ‘Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey’ chanted vigorosuly throughout the captivating chorus.

SBTV DJ Melody Kane, 28, was the yin to Sharp’s yang throughout the defiant set, as the curvaceous, kinky-haired crowd mover brought an added edge as the ‘Strictly Homegrown’ star spontaneously dropped Jay-Z classic, Rick Rubin-produced ’99 Problems’, where the hip headliner placed an empowering exclaimation point adding ‘I’ve got 99 problems, but a prick ain’t one!’

‘Paris’ freestyle followed suit, allowing the fiesty wordsmith to demonstrate her raw natural talent as well as tongue-twisting tales over one of her musical inspirations watermarks.

‘Can U Bang’ lyrically is a sensually, sexual and seductive affair alluding to the questioning the alpha male and machismo of her desired man.

The auto-tuned hook echoed vintage cartoon ‘Transformers’ whilst the rapid rhymer confidently ask ‘Can you bang for me?’

The grinding evident shown was tasteful and indicated showmanship.

Dressed in all black, the demonic undertone of ‘Spilla’ proceeded to resonate with the electric audience. The Don Diablo-produced track which has seen an overwhelming near 90,000 views on YouTube alone, provided backing vocals/dancers equipped with lead iron pipes, ski masks, callously cooing ‘Go hard’ during the haunting hook.

Pyrotechnics accompanied, as did video vignettes and montages displayed on a large monitor, showing artistic images of the likeness of the fiery Phreeda Sharp inverted in black and gray.

Supporting acts on the night included – Play Entertainment entrepreneur/DJ, Mr Play; whom is instrumental on stage coupled with the endless hours of work behind-the-scenes. The playmaker proved that he was essentially the player, consecutively providing back to back urban jams to increase the momentum and energy inside Hoxton square bar.

Among other special guests – ‘The Love Child Of Soul’ Myles Sanko. Sanko generated excitement as the silky smooth vocalist/producer had the crowd in the palm of his hand. The soul crooner certainly warmed up the hard-to-please audience on a rather adversely conditioned British November night.

Upon reflection, the night of entertainment seemingly meshed and flowed effortlessly, with no revere gear on the highway to achieving a monumental night. With Phreeda Sharp’s brand new mixtape ‘7 Days In The Life Of A Sharpshooter’ being recipient of industry kudos and fanfare alike, the MTV brand new 2013 nominated artist is on the verge of a breakthrough.

‘Lost In Space’ featuring Ollie Green was recently introduced to BBC 1xtra playlist with solid rotation, amongst other shining lights of British radio strongly advocating Sharp.

Phreeda Sharp next performs live at ‘Female Takeover’ at Proud (Camden) on December 21. Also headlining this event – ‘Good Love’ Pop/R&B diva Kyra and SBTV DJ Melody Kane have also been confirmed thus far for this titanic takeover. After the Hoxton square bar stunning statement, Proud (Camden, London) needs to get truly prepared. Is this town big enough for these show-stoppers? You bet!

Phreeda Sharp – ‘Female Takeover’ – Order Now http://www.proudcamden.com/events.aspx?year=2012&month=12

Phreeda Sharp Twitter : @PhreedaSharp

Phreeda Sharp  Official YouTube Page: http://www.youtube.com/user/PhreedaSharpChannel1

Phreeda Sharp Official Facebook Page: http://en-gb.facebook.com/phreedasharp


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