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Aaron Roach Birdgeman aka RoachMan has got his hands dirty and he’s only just started .The North-West London creative is a Journalist, Poet ,Actor ,Host and popular online music channel SBTV’s newest presenter .

As The Weekly Diary love to explore and share Talent and talented people, The Weekly Diary had the opportunity to interview the talented “Aaron Roach Bridgeman “

TWD: First and foremost, Aaron, welcome and thank you for taking time out of your schedule. How has this week been for your overall?

I can’t lie. It hasn’t been the best – I am dealing with a few important things in life at the moment that have me a bit distracted, away from all the things that you obviously know I do. But such is life, and thus I put a smile on and keep going.
This week I’ve done exactly that and I had the great pleasure of interviewing one of my early inspirations – A Rapper from USA by the name of Ludacris. He is an artist who taught me with his music, how to utilize and manipulate words in lyrical ways to evoke comedy and wit. This is something that I took and ran with and it can be seen with the type of person I now am, as well as my spoken poetry and even my interviews. I was very honored to meet and speak to him. Look out for the interview. Lol

TWD: You recently had the privilege to interview Richard Branson.  What similarities in terms of business psychology does the Virgin entrepreneur have in common with another trendsetter in SBTV founder Jamal Edwards?

One thing I could decipher as similarity between the two is the hunger, passion and or dedication they both still have in regards to innovating in their individual businesses. You would think when you reach a position of Primacy in our chosen field, you would relax and keep working. NO. These two work harder and are focused on making the next big innovation or getting better so to speak. You have to rate that. Aside from that, it must be said the humbleness of both Richard and Jamal must be observed and respected. I was thrown back by how normal Sir Richard is.  He is genuinely a very pleasant man.

TWD: Deceased or alive – Who would your dream interview be with?

I really respect and admire Jamie Foxx. It may sound weird to choose him out of anyone dead or alive. However I have observed his career from being nothing more than a funny guy – the guy who smaller movies or sitcoms would go to for the wacky comedy element to being a Platinum selling artist and Oscar Award winning actor.
Jamie Foxx is classically trained in more than 2 instruments including the Piano, He was one of the biggest stand up comedians in the USA, which with such an abundance of talented comedians; to stand out is an achievement in itself. He then won an Oscar for his role as Ray Charles in Ray, where he proved his worth as a serious actor, before making use of his voice which is also of one the highest qualities I have heard in RnB and proved his worth on a musical level as well. I personally respect the ability to be multi-faceted or multi- talented, as I believe myself to be a person who has different abilities or qualities as an individual, intellectual and entertainer.
I’d be honored to interview Jamie Foxx.

TWD: ‘Lay It on Me’ Superstar Kelly Rowland provided one of Aaron Roach Bridgeman’s most talked about interviews based on unprecedented buzz online. Did the former Destiny’s Child sultry songstress have any outrageous diva demands?

Nah. Not at all. Kelly Rowland was a lovely person on and off camera. She made me feel comfortable and made my 1st interview the best it could have ever been.

TWD: What was your favorite movie that you watched in 2012?

Something From Nothing: The Art Of Hip Hop – A Documentary Film By Ice T.A great portrayal, education and insight into what Hip Hop was and is and why it has been so pivotal in popular culture.

TWD: When did you fully realize that your innate charm and talent could smoothly translate into a successful professional career?

I didn’t really to be honest. Luckily, however, I had people around me that had great faith in me, even when I didn’t in myself.
These people kept telling me to keep going and that I could really make something out of this. I must shout them out – they were AJ Power of IUC Media who i filmed a short film (From the Root to the Fruit) with, before starting a weekly Entertainment News Flash with him also. Another of my support network was and is Rouge A Levres Entertainment. I started hosting a monthly live show for them, and after we then became family. They have helped me with my Presenting career from the start. The last people I would acknowledge are everyone at UK Chocolate/UK Gent Magazine, who I joined as a Journalist with, before being pushed in front of camera at the ‘AnuvaHood’ Premiere as a Presenter with. I at first refused, but was convinced to just go for it. It worked so well, this became regular and before you knew it- I was a amateur presenter.
My passion was and still is to act. However I accidentally got into presenting, interviewing and hosting and I love it. This has been something now that I have been doing for nearly 2 years. More professionally as a Presenter for SB.TV; November 2012 will make it 1 year.

TWD: As an adept Jack-of-all-trades, do you firmly believe that there are any other talents in other fields which you envision yourself adding to your already impressive resume?

I not only envision. I intend to explore and consciously do everything in my capacity to be recognized for my work as a Presenter, Actor, Poet and Journalist.
Recognition for my work as a Youth Mentor is not as important, as it isn’t for these reasons why I do this work, however I will continue to do it for as long as I live, as the issues with the youth and the problems they face are unequivocally important to me.

TWD: Having performed well praised poetic performances throughout Europe (Hungary), is there an international destination or venue where you would like to take your wordplay to next?

I would love to go to America and see how they take me. I would definitely need a whole set of new material that could pertain to them and their culture though, as a lot of my material is based around things that are recognizable around English or European culture.
America is a place i really love and it would be a massive honor to work there professionally.

TWD: What do you believe is the biggest misconception about you?

Ooooh..Thats a very good question. Might have to use that one myself *Takes out notepad*I think the biggest misconception about me is that I have always been the way i am now – in that i am a very positive and professional young man.

I was not always this way. My past is not as chequered as many,  but I do come from a background of delinquency, insolence, behavior and temper problems. I was quite a problem during my school years, but surprisingly achieved quite high grades. This made it hard for teachers, etc to know how to deal with me. I was also around a lot of criminality and negative ways of living.

I do like the fact that many who meet me however, really do think that I am a good guy and always have been. It means I must be giving off the right energies.

TWD: You’ve had your journalistic endeavors published in some of Britain’s most revered and widely heralded publications in The Times and Total Film magazine. As a writer, have you ever experienced the dreaded writers block?

Yes. Of course. I have to step away from the laptop or pad and refresh myself such as malfunctioning web page and come back. Sometimes I look outside the box or conventional for inspiration and come back to it again. Once I get going, there is no stopping me.

TWD: Who is the most original and refreshing music act you’ve witnessed live this year?

There was a live show that I hosted myself and a new artist took to the stage by the name of Doug Sure. His vocals really blew me away. I haven’t seen much more of him, but there needs to be People check him out.

TWD: Can you explain briefly about the impact and importance of ‘Lives Not Knives’ charity organization project which you are an integral part of?

Lives Not Knives is an organization that revolves around the idea of prevention. This prevention is that of joining gangs, using knives and any type of criminality. We wish to redirect the paths of young individuals that have such mentalities, and instead encourage and show them paths of positivity and to career options.
We use our own experiences to deter them, and we have people who have previously been part of such lifestyles in 1 way or another, that we have trained up as mentors to help us with this.
I have been into primary Schools, High Schools and all different type of organizations doing workshops and talks to people between the age of 10-24 and on a few occasions, older adults too.
The work we do has been nationally recognized and the founder 19 year old Eliza Rebeiro is seen as the person to go to as THE resource for these issues we face in London and even UK with the youth.

TWD:  Acting is among your many gifts. Which film actor inspired you initially to study the artform?

There have been a few, but I would quote Laurence Olivier, Marlon Brando, Al Pacino, Brad Pitt, Jamie Foxx and Denzel Washington as having the most inspiration on me.

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