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PHREEDA SHARP – nicknamed ‘Sharp Shooter’ for her impressively rapidfire flow – is a French-Ghanaian rapper living in Hackney. Born and raised in Ghana, Phreeda began singing at 13 and fell in love with Hip Hop when she first discovered The Roots, Jay Z and Missy Elliott. Phreeda moved into rap when her brother formed a hip hop crew and wanted a female presence. She wrote a verse, delivered it… and was up and running.

Her striking image, raw antagonistic yet playful sound actively promotes female empowerment which gives this innovative up-and-coming star an edge that sets her apart from the rest.
She describes her music as “pieces of me that happen to rhyme” and says, “I really just want to pull together a collection of songs that will make people feel powerful and almost invincible when they listen to it. I want to inject energy and ferocity into whoever is listening so when they come away from my gig or from listening to my track, they feel alive, brand new!”
As comfortable performing on stage with just an acoustic guitar or acapella, as with her all girl live band, Phreeda’s feminine assassin-like aesthetic and penchant for rapping about the opposite sex in the same manner male rappers often do about their female counterparts, is quickly becoming one of the most intriguing voices to emerge from the UK rap scene in a very long time.

TWD: How would you describe Phreeda Sharp in three words?

Exciting. Daring. Bold.

TWD : Many artists have nicknames for their loyal legion of supporters, can you explain why you chosen the term ‘Bad Jane’ for your fans?

The name “Bad Jane” comes from a track I did and it has a very empowering message. To remain true to who you are no matter what others think and especially when in the industry I’m in where so many people try to change and mould you into their own little cash cow. The term “Bad Jane” represents that way of thinking and also represents women and girls who are not afraid to be imperfectly perfect and real. I think fans and people in general like having something to believe in so the name just works. Guys are Bad Joe’s! And we are all part of Bad Jane Nation haha!

TWD: Which femcee currently in the game do you respect most?

Right now in this moment it’s Angel Haze after she dropped “Cleaning Out My Closet”. That’s one of the bravest songs I’ve heard in ages and I really respect her. No one likes talking about sexual abuse because it makes them feel awkward and dirty but it’s SO common. She really opened up about it so hats off to her for real.

TWD: What was the first record that you ever purchased?

Missy Elliott “Da Real World” and I was obsessed with it!!

TWD: Who inspired you to become a musician?

My brother actually. If he didn’t ask me to rap a verse for him just to “try it out” I don’t think I would have realised I had the skill.

TWD : As a songwriter, where do you draw inspiration from when in the creative process of your work?

From everywhere. Things I go through, things people I know go through, things that piss me off, things that make me happy etc. I also have a very active imagination and I day dream a lot so all of that just keeps me creative.

TWD: ‘Spilla’ is your latest offering. What is the fundamental difference that separates this single from your previous releases?

Well I got to work with super producer Don Diablo on this one which was really cool. I think we’re both quite dark musically so it was a great collabo. My previous track “Gun Fire” was a lot slower and softer whereas “Spilla” is very much in your face, aggressive and just cocky as fuck. Every rapper needs to just boast now and then, it’s like flexing our wings or something.

TWD: Your favourite Hip-Hop musician of All-time is?

Jay Z, I love everything about him.

TWD: At this very moment in time, what is the guilty pleasure on your iPod playlist?

I literally just downloaded Chris Brown “Don’t Judge Me” because my sister made me watch the video last night.

TWD: Other than musicality, what other talents do you possess?

Nothing at all.

TWD: If a biopic was created on the life of Phreeda Sharp, which actress would portray you?

I want Rosario Dawson to play me. I really admire her as a modern day feminist and she’s a great actress.

TWD: MTV brand new unsigned 2013 acknowledged your grind. What advice would you offer to any aspiring artist looking to break into the industry?

Perfect your craft. Have a plan. Commit 100% to it. If you know who you are, what you want and where you are going, everything else falls into place. Just keep going even when you get shut down over and over again. Stay true and committed and accept that this business takes hard work and persistence.

TWD: Entertainment reality shows such as ‘The Voice’ and ‘The X-Factor’ – In your opinion, do they produce genuine or manufactured talent?

It’s all very glossy airbrushed airy fairy manufactured talent to me. I don’t believe any of it but pop culture is mostly about that so it works for that reason.

TWD: How can the current landscape of the music industry improve?

More brave talented women in the UK Hip-hop scene would be nice!

TWD: What can we expect from Phreeda Sharp in 2013?

More music, more videos, more shows and more of everything. I’m really lucky to have a great team beside me and our goals are all streamlined so we work hard and enjoy it. For me 2013 is about establishing myself in the music industry and reaching out to as many new fans as possible.

TWD: Could you fill us in on what you been up to this week?

I’m actually hauled up outside London working on a mixtape I’m hoping to drop before the end of the year. I’m always working on new music so I always have studio sessions.  I’ve also started prepping rehearsals for the headline show on 26th November at Hoxton Square Bar, it’s going to be an amazing high energy performance and I can’t wait! We also just dropped the new video Spilla last week so we’ve been doing a lot of promo on that. The track is available for free download on my Soundcloud so if you love it then go for it! Also, I’ll be announcing how to win free tickets to the show very soon so everyone follow me on twitter @phreedasharp and subscribe to my youtube channel ( and I will announce the competition in a few days.

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