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The Weekly Diary had the pleasure of interviewing one of the biggest DJ’s in the Middle East and the award winning Marwan ‘DJ Bliss’ .DJ Bliss is the first of his kind in the powerful city of Dubai, being undoubtedly among a very select and small group of Emiratis expanding their career and taking their talent Internationally.

Working alongside the UAE’s royal families, Marwan has been privileged to host the ‘Sports for a Better World’ under the patronage of HRH Princess Haya and the Sports Accord Convention as well as the Dubai International Film Festival 2009/2010/2011, Gulf Film Festival 2010/2011, the launch of Costa Cruise Line, the Cartier Polo Challenge, the Dubai World Cup at Meydan, WOMAD and various corporate power houses such as BMW, BlackBerry and Gucci. Marwan also had the honor of bringing Dubai into the New Year for 2011 and hosted the opening ceremony in 2010 for the world’s tallest tower the ‘Burj Khalifa.’ Abu Dhabi’s Formula 1 2009/2010/2011 presented the opportunity to warm up for Beyonce, Prince, Nelly Furtado, Taio Cruz, Tinchy Stryder, Jamiroquai, Kings of Leon, Wyclef Jean and Aerosmith taking him to a new level of achievement.

DJ BLiss has interview , warmed up for big names such as Usher, Kanye West, Akon, Sean Paul, Sean Kingston, Quincy Jones, Metallica, Jay Sean, Paris Hilton the Black Eyed Peas, Marwan has expanded his reputation on an international level by being named the Middle East’s representative of Beats by Dr.Dre

TWD : Hello Marwan ,how you doing today ?

I’m always great. Lifes Good

TWD :You just got back from your European tour if I’m correct .How was it down there ? The vibe , environment and just being there .How was it ?

Its Awesome. I love traveling and I’m fortunate that what I do takes me around the world. Its just so crazy that I DJed in Luxemburg. When I was there I was telling my manager “isn’t it crazy that me a DJ from Dubai got booked in Luxemburg?”. Holland and Belgium was awesome too. They love to party out there.

TWD : Now ,word on the street ,well word through a tweet is that your officially part of the one and only SHADYVILLE DJ’s .Congratulations !!! How did that even come along and how does it feel ?

Thank you. Yeah we’ve been in talks for a couple of years now but I felt like the time was right. Shadyville is a DJ coalition headed by 50 Cents DJ whookid who is a friend of mine, we always talked about it when we hung out but never really signed and sealed it. Shadyville is like a family who supports each other worldwide. And I was the first DJ in the Middle East to be signed up. Feels great, I’m honored that they approached me to be a part of it.

TWD :How did you even get into DJ’ing ? When did you realize your passion for it ?

I really don’t know. It just happened. I always loved music. I was more of an Alternative/Rock fan, I used to play the guitar and drums in bands growing up here. It started more in radio. I used to run my high school radio station then school parties. Some private gigs here and there and eventually onto Radio and Club gigs.

TWD: Who were your influences when you began DJ’ing ?

I saw Rone Jaxx DJ at a party once years ago and I was like “I wanna do that!” Then there was another old school cat called DJ Turbo. I used to watch and listen to a lot of DJ’s when I was out at parties, clubs and competitions and learn from all of them.

TWD : What is the best part of the life of a DJ

Its not easy. Its a lot of hard work and dedication. But at the end I do what I love which is play and now make music. The reaction of the people and the energy is really what its all about. Its crazy how you have one guy controlling some songs that make people feel a certain way. Its epic

TWD : What is the hardest part of being a DJ ?

Keeping up with trends and music. Being relevant every year and staying fresh. There a lot of DJ’s born every year and now more than ever its easy to be a “DJ”. But being a “GOOD DJ” is the hard part.

TWD : What’s the best and memorable show ?

You know I always get asked this and when I go through my memory bank of every single gig iv done they really are all memorable. From the clubs I used to do when I first started at Henry J Beans to the hundreds of Thousands of people who partied to my DJing at Formula 1 in Abu Dhabi.

TWD : What sets you apart from other DJ’s ?

I always try to innovate and not imitate. The last thing you wanna do is copy someone’s style. Learn from others but add your own touch. That’s my motto. And I also like to be involved in every kind of media from TV to Radio to DJing and even making music. Today you have to push yourself.

TWD : You interviewed , met and warmed up shows for Big names in the industry ,such as Beyonce ,Kanyewest , Tinchy stryder ,usher and many more .What was the most memorable interview or meeting you’ve had with any of these stars ?

Haha. I was just listening to the Kanye West interview I did and I was thinking “why was I asking all those stupid questions”. I had just started in Radio at the time. I think as far as my favorite celeb meet it would be Usher and Quincy Jones. Quincy Jones because he is such a legend and just by sitting with him preparing for the interview was an eye-opener, I learnt more from him in 5 minutes than any other person I’ve ever met. And Usher was just one of those people I used to sing along to and play his song when I first started DJing. Both of them were such humble people and I think we often forget that celebs are just regular people like you and I.

TWD : If it wasn’t DJ’ing or presenting ,what would it have been ?

Maybe a pilot. I can’t do a 9 to 5 desk job and I love flying so probably that.

TWD :what’s the worst show you’ve had ?

I know its cliche but I never feel like any show is a bad show. BUT here’s one to answer your question, my second club gig ever was in a bar in Bur Dubai called Pancho Villa. When you walk in you’ll know why I’m mentioning it… It was “interesting” haha.

TWD : With 2012 coming to an end soon ,you working on any major projects you would like to share ?

Absolutely. I finally have an album coming out this year. Its a collaborative project with my producer Prince Q. Its 10-12 songs of local and international features. All of which I co- produced, I’m featured on, or executive produced. Its a project iv been forking on for almost 2 years with Q so I can’t wait till its out and everyone hears it. Its unlike anything that’s come out of Dubai or the region before.

TWD : What advice can you give to the upcoming Dj’s ?

Work hard. Don’t get into it for the wrong reasons. There are not a lot of people that will help you but there is so much content on the internet that you can learn from. And don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t, if you really want it and its meant for you then you CAN.

TWD : Lastly ,”The Weekly Diary ” kind of nosey but we would like to know what you been up to this week ?

I’m sitting on a plane right now flying to Doha for a gig. I do a monthly residency there with our 411 Brand at the W Hotel. Last night I was in Abu Dhabi for the monthly 411 night at Etoiles Emirates Palace and tomorrow I’m back in Dubai for our weekly 411 at People by Crystal, Raffles Hotel. Its been a pretty hectic week actually. I also hosted an event for British Airways 80 year Middle East anniversary, did my Radio Show on Thursday on 104.8 FM Channel 4 AND my TV show That’s Entertainment on Dubai One on Friday. Hence why I am doing this interview on the plane…

TWD : Thank you very much for the lovely interview.

Its my pleasure & the plane is about to land so I gotta switch off. Perfect timing.

To keep updated with DJ Bliss’s movements and upcoming projects stay close :

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