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The Weekly Diary had the opportunity to catch up with the OMG Girlz (Officially Miss Guided ) ,the  new teenage girl group in town , made up of the talented  and  adorable “Miss STAR” (Zonnique Pullins ) “Miss BEAUTY” (Bahja Rodriguez ) and “Miss BABY DOLL” (Breaunna Womack ) whilst they prepare for the  scream tour .The OMG Girlz are all about  the young ,colourful   and spreading their message of female empowerment and positivity  everywhere  they go with their music .

The OMG GIRLZ was formed by the Grammy Award winning Singer/Songwriter, Tameka “Tiny” Harris in 2009.  The Atlanta based girl group performed publicly for the first time on an episode of BET’s  Tiny and Toya reality television series.


TWD: Hello girls, how are you today?

OMG Girlz: We’re great thank you.


TWD: Well done girls! Loving your latest single “Where the boys at “, how has the support towards your single been?

OMG Girlz : It’s been great .The fans have been tweeting us , instagram ,  and they even sent videos and learned the dance moves from the video, telling us how much they love it .The response has been wonderful .


TWD : Teenage girls are so known for bickering and fighting, I mean one day friends and the next day they fight, even grown ladies. How do the three of you keep your bond between you three so strong ?

OMG Girlz: We grew with each other and learn how to love one another more every day, we’re more like family than friends and we make each other happy and don’t create drama between us .We try to spread love and positivity to all our fans everywhere we go .


TWD: What’s the one thing you had to sacrifice to be where you are now, what do you really miss from your old life?

OMG Girlz  ( Beauty ) : We all miss our families and seeing our families regularly because we are always on  the road.  They come to our shows but can’t come to every one of them because we always in different cities .Like Star use to see her cousins a lot and sleep over at their house but now she can’t do that anymore and Baby doll as well ,we all miss our families and friends  but we love what we do and they support us .


TWD: Loving your styles, colours and swag .Who came up with the colours?

OMG Girlz  ( Baby Doll ) : We came up with the colours ourselves .We have an amazing stylist and manager that put together what to wear and hairstyles to have for every appearance ,shows and all .We have an amazing team .




TWD : What do each of you do in your spare time besides music ?

OMG Girlz ( Star ): Beauty likes designing and all that, I like photography, videos, sleeping and chilling *Laughs * and Baby doll loves dancing and working out.


TWD: So girls, what you been up to lately? Any new projects?

OMG Girlz ( Baby Doll ) : We’ve been rehearsing and preparing  a lot for the scream tour ,recording and picking songs for our album “Officially Miss Guided “ which drops October 2nd ,so look out .We can’t really say who and who are going to be featured as we’re still picking and recording .


TWD : Amazing , Who are you lot a big fan of  in the music industry at the moment and would love to work with ?

OMG Girlz ( Star  ) : We love Jay –z , Kanye ,Big Sean , Lady GaGa , Rihanna ,Missy Elliot ,Beyonce and would love to work with all of them .


TWD: So where do you picture “ The OMG Girlz “ in the future ?

OMG Girlz ( Baby Doll ) : We see ourselves taking over the world or as we say painting the world pink ,blue  and purple .Merchandizing ,movies ,directing ,more magazine features and just being the best we can be .


TWD: The weekly diary want to know more about “The OMG Girlz “Diary this week, what you all been up to ?

OMG Girlz ( Star ) : We are on the road and glad to see our fans ,we get to hug them ,cry with them and be together ,we get to be together and crack jokes together ,It’s been a wonderful week so far .


TWD: Thank you for your time and good luck with everything girls.

OMG Girlz : thank you very much for the support .



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