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Words can’t even describe how i love this album . “iLL Manors ” a soundtrack album to the film of the same name was released on the 23rd of July by British artist and producer  Ben  Drew  also known as “Plan B” .Plan B ,must say is one of the boldest and realest artist   in British music right now. Fiercely driven by moral, social and political imperatives, his coruscating but utterly clear rapping puts hip hop back where it really makes sense, as the urgent poetry of the mean streets. “Ill Manors ”   a movie and soundtrack album – was trailed by the phenomenal, Shostakovich-sampling title track, and its mindblowing video.

You know what yh ,Listen to the album ,watch the movie and tell me what you think ??? Without a doubt ,you cannot deny it’s a masterpiece !

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The iLL Manors tracklisting is as follows:

1. ‘iLL Manors’
2. ‘I Am The Narrator’
3. ‘Drug Dealer’ (feat. Takura Tendayi)
4. ‘Playing with Fire’ (feat. Labrinth)
5. ‘Deepest Shame’
6. ‘Pity The Plight’ (feat. John Cooper Clarke)
7. ‘Lost My Way’
8. ‘The Runaway’
9. ‘Great Day for a Murder’
10. ‘Live Once’ (feat. Kano)
11. ‘Falling Down’

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