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The Weekly Diary had the opportunity to interview Singer – songwriter and actress Teairra Mari to find out more about her upcoming Mix-tape, movie and latest single “Lil Mama.” Since signing and teaming up with  to Rico Love’s Division 1 Music Label , Teairra Mari has been back in the studio releasing  nothing but hot tracks such as “U Did that ” featuring G.O.O.D music artist 2Chainz and her latest single “Lil Mama” from her upcoming Mix tape “Unfinished Business .”


Hey Teairra – how are you? Is everything all good? 

Teairra: Things have been great- thanks for asking.


So tell me about the latest video for your single “U Did That” Featuring 2Chainz… WOW!  Love it! How has the response towards the single been?

Teairra: It’s great! The fans have been wonderful and I’ve been getting an incredible response from the single and the video.



Girl, you was strutting your stuff in the video! How do you keep in shape? I need this tip for myself really? *laughs*

Teairra: *Laughs* just working out, practicing my dance moves … they say practice makes perfect!


Any date for your upcoming album yet?

Teairra:  Right now I feel like I got some unfinished business and before releasing my album I’m going to release a Mix-tape called “Unfinished Business.”


Do you have a date for the release of “Unfinished Business?”

Teairra:  Yup! The 4th of July.


Who you working with on this mix-tape?

Teairra:  I’m going to be working with Lonny Burrell and Jado on this mix-tape.


Now we know you for both your singing (of course) and your acting, but what do you enjoy more and feels less like work for you ?

Teairra:  Definitely Singing.  Music is my 1st love; it feels good to be able to give my fans music they can vibe to but I really do love acting… I love being able to portray different characters.


If you weren’t into music or acting what do you think you’d be doing?

Teairra:  Definitely something in the fashion industry; I would probably have my own line or fashion company.


Your fashion game is crazy?! It’s the summer and your female fans want some fashion tips from you (and even the male fans!) They want to know how would they get your attention with regards what/what not to wear?

Teairra: Well for females I feel that dresses are in season; neon colors, nice nail polish colors, you know? Women have to know how to balance bright colors with dark tones… you want to attract people toward you. As for the guys, they should keep it nice and simple; nice khaki shorts, nice kicks… just look clean and keep it simple.


So what keeps you motivated with what you do? Is it really hard in this industry? What keep you grounded?

Teairra: My family! My family always taught and raised me to go and get what I want; if I want something I need to get out there and go get it!


So are you Single?

Teairra: I’m very single!


What do you look for in a guy?

Teairra: Cleanliness, respectful, nice smile *laughs  , charming aura and a job!


Would you prefer someone from the industry or not?

Teairra: Doesn’t really matter really as long as he works hard.


What is the craziest rumor you heard about your self?

Teairra: The craziest one was I had a hidden kid… they were serious about it! But I don’t have any children…  that’s crazy!  *Laughs*


What’s the craziest thing a fan has done?

Teairra: There has been a few things but the craziest was when a lady had her whole body/chest all in my face!  She was really sweet though.


Any word of advice for the young ladies that are trying to make it in the industry?

Teairra: Do things on your own and don’t wait on a label; make it happen on your own. First you need a great supportive manager, a great publicist and overall a great team behind you 110%. Once you have that, you can go hard and have the label work for you! You just have to work hard and play hard.


Who are you a fan of and would love to work with?

Teairra: I’m a big fan of Pharrell; would love to work with him .


Do you have any other upcoming projects?

Teairra: Yeah- my movie with Wiz Khalifa and Snoop called “Mac and Devin go to high school “coming out in July as well.


You fans asked me to ask you when are you coming to London and Dubai?! They really want to see you! Do you want to visit there anytime soon?

Teairra: Absolutely!!!! I’ve been to London before but never been to Dubai but I would love to visit both of those places soon hopefully before the year is over.


And finally, how has your week been? What have you been up to?

Teairra: This week has been really good! Finally I have a time where I can relax at home before I go back on the road; I’ve been working out and enjoying the beautiful California weather.



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