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So this week …actually last week a young photographer from London  who goes by the name Jay Stewart wanted to Share what he have been up to during the week and seems pretty interesting – Have a Read  🙂

Jay Stewart :

Hey so far this year has been quite interesting, I stopped working as a Xmas temp at HMV, so I’m now looking for something part-time to take care of rent + bills. Haven’t found anything yet but I have had couple of interviews, but I am getting a lot of photography work plus I got 2 wedding booked 🙂 just done a shoot with a homie of mine from Barbados named imogen cooper.

Love love love the shoot 🙂 photos are up on my website

Right now I’m babysitting my lil cousins in bristol, their on the wii playing ‘ just dance 3 ‘ I got them for xmas.

As for photography, I’m going NYC with the mrs next month so planning and networking with the yankee’s.

Will keep ya updated.

Jay Stewart



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