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Saira Awan is a freelance photographer based in London.  Her passion for the visual arts is what pulled her into the photography world and is what has kept her there. She has had numerous commissioned pieces of work published ranging from food to fashion to celebrity press shots.

Her two main areas of interest are unit photography (production and marketing stills) for film/music and portraiture work (including headshots for actors, models and performers) studio or on location. As well as doing commissioned photography work for corporate companies and individuals.

Saira has exhibited her work in numerous venues across Europe including: BAFTA head office in London (UK), No Label festival in Utrecht (Netherlands) and Roots and Routes in Lille (France).

Impressive right 😀 …

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“sai sai sai .. check out my picture in the “About ” page ..yh its her work..its THAT good !!!!just do yourself a favour and contact her ..like now  o_0

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