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I present to you another controversial blogger /journalist ,who writes about nothing but the truth ,he’s known by the name Capri Hakeem.Capri has interviewed the likes of Beyonce,Black Eyed Peas , Bruno Mars and David Guetta  and many more to come .His Blog DARK DAYS AND BRIGHT NIGHTS has become the No. 1 spot for the latest and juicy gossip.

I gurantee you would most def get addicted to his blogs ,with the lastest video’s and honest thoughts about them  and the latest gossip and how it really is!!!!  hmmm …you them sites that want to hide the reals facts ..Capri says it like it is !!!! all the good side and bad side of any story you find on his blog.

Just check the site   and see what i’m talking about !!!


And keep up to date with the brother :

Twitter : @caprihakeem

Facebook : Capri

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