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Lisa Maffia  – A platinum selling songwriter, musician, fashion designer, model ,presenter and the first lady of the well known award winning crew that goes by the name “So Solid” .So Solid notched up five top 20 hits including the number one hit “ 21 seconds” and platinum selling album  “They don’t know. As a solo artist she has released 2 top 10 singles and award winning album including  platinum selling single ” All over” .The Weekly Diary finds out more about the Lovely Lisa Maffia, her new single “ Don’t stop the music” and upcoming projects .

Hello Lisa, How are you?

Lisa : Excited and a little tired

Congrats with your New single “Don’t Stop The Music”. Love it, Love it , Love it – How has the response been to your new single?

Lisa : Oh wow! It’s been so good, I haven’t had not one knock back! YET!!! Hopefully won’t happen 🙂

How does it feel coming back to the music scene and coming back to such positive energy?

Lisa: Not been too far away! I have been on the House scene and to be fair it’s just not as glam! I’ve been managing artist signed to my label and running a record label. But the positive vibe from everyone feels so good, after all it is a scary industry indeed

With your music background, being the First lady of such a very well known and successful crew “So Solid” and coming back, do you think the music scene has changed and gotten tougher?

Lisa: It’s changed so much but feels the same, the biggest change is the way music is bought! All the download charts are now counted and added to your chart position but it’s the downloads that don’t get counted that are heart-breaking for some artists; it could see the end to some artists careers.

Who are you a big fan of right now?

Lisa: Wretch32, Ed sheeran and my own artist Tyler Daley

Who and what keeps you motivated and inspired?

Lisa : My daughter and mum, defo the strongest girls in my life.

Now that your back not just with your music but with your label and you got your artists such as Thir13een and Tyler Daley, what should we expect to see from your label and your artists?

Lisa : There are so much talent out there! I plan to create the first UK Empire of talented musicians, dominate the industry like So Solid did! Look out for LV too she is amazing! I’m like a proud mum with them lol!

What do you look for in an artist?

Lisa: Confidence to be different.

Girl must say your fashion rocks!!! Bring me in! Describe your style? What you think the ladies should rock this season?

Lisa: Be original and unique. Confidence isn’t in the designer’s name it’s in you! “Who does you better than you” is my daughters motto! 🙂

Should we be expecting an album out sometime this year? 

Lisa: No not an album of just yet but a collaboration of all Maffia Recordz artist by end of year.

Finally The Weekly Diary would love to know, how has your week been?

Lisa : Hectic so far, but making stead and very good progress in promotion for “Don’t Stop The Music” 🙂

(NEW SINGLE) Lisa Maffia Ft Romeo & Tyler Daley – Don’t Stop the music 

Video out soon & Single out June 10 !!

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