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The Weekly Diary was delighted to interview  a greatly talented artist from Manchester whom Lisa Maffia (Vocalist from So Solid Crew) signed to her record label Maffia  who goes by the name Tyler Daley .Tyler is rapper/singer/producer from Manchester, England, with a very unique soulful style mixed with a reggae touch and is also featured on Lisa Maffia’s latest single “Don’t stop the music “.

Hello darling, how you doing today?

Tyler : Very good thank you, feeling blessed 😉

For the people who want to know more about Tyler Daley, Who is Tyler Daley?

Tyler: I am an artist from Manchester with a passion for music, family and life.

Being signed to “Maffia Recordz” and working with artists such as Lisa Maffia and Romeo, how does it feel working with such talented artists?

Tyler :It’s a pleasure to work with an learn from anyone who’s achieved so much, lasted so long and still remain humble like Lisa an Romeo. I’ve been blessed to meet some really good people who have helped me in some way when they didn’t need to, just out of love.

I’ve listened to some of the tracks you’ve done before, (Love your voice by the way) how would you describe your kind of music?

Tyler: My music is a mix of the soul, hip-hop, reggae, guitar based music, dance based and many more flavours I was surrounded by, growing up.
With the music industry having loads of artists out there. With so much competition how do you stay motivated?

Tyler: When something comes as natural to you as breathing, just being alive is motivation enough. Only I can do me, so I try and be the best me and try to give people the chance to hear and judge for them self. I must add, the support has been amazing an I’m truly grateful.
Should we be expecting some exclusive music from you sometime soon? (with that kind of voice ,not sure if we can be patient lol)

Tyler : Lol 🙂 I’ve got a lot of stuff ready, after “Don’t Stop The Music”.. there is going to be a lot stuff dropping.. And I promise not to disappoint 😉
Who would you love to work with and why?

Tyler : I’ve been lucky enough to work with soul2soul legend Caren wheeler, So Solid legends. Newer great artist like Sway and Doneo who gave me a lot of wise words as well..But there are so many it’s hard to say, I rate so many artist and producers, this would be an even longer answer lol .
Where do you see yourself or want people to see yourself in the next couple of years?

Tyler: God willing I’d like to be still producing, writing and performing, taking care of my family and being the best person I can be.
Finally, Weekly diary always wants to know – How has your week been?

Tyler : Mental!!! Hahaha broke my fingers playing football last week so had an operation on Tuesday and shot the video for “Don’t Stop The Music” on Wednesday, it’s looking sick by the way. Lost my phone and then found it, missed my out of peek train to Manchester then spent 3 hours in the train station the 2 on the train! (And breath) pretty much the same as always! haha
Ohhh does sound mental lol ,but have a lovely  week and thank you for the interview. I’m really looking forward to hearing a lot more about you.

 Tyler :  Thank you 😉 bless

Tyler Daley –  Baby you alone 

(NEW ) Lisa Maffia Ft Romeo & Tyler Daley – Don’t Stop the music 

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