My New Environment ,New thangs!!!… My Journey so far

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Howdy My Lovelies …been a bit up and down with my new life down here .Very different …i mean VERY! -_- …but still something to embrace and learn from i guess .Being around my sisters after quite a long time is very very fun!! and lovely feeling .Arabic classes …like i said before ..FLIPPIN HARD !! never realised that but my Arabic speaking not that bad *ya3ni (an arabic phrase)  😉

Anyhoo always trying to stretch out my career abilities ,so been doing some production management for a very well-known magazine in Qatar .ISOLA Magazine – …hard!! init! 😀 the new experience and must say LOVIN IT!  🙂

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Anyhoo  alongside my writing ,I’m always looking into any sort of creativity and can’t wait for y’all to see my work in the next issue .My Week has been aight ,met up with a family friend havent seen for a while ,working on new projects ..How your week been my lovelies?? 😀

Got some pretty exciting stuff to share with y’all soon 🙂 … Remember you can share yours on here

Till my next update “Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.”

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