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The Weekly Diary had  the pleasure of interviewing the talented young lady from a  small town Martin in Tennessee who goes by the name “Crystal Renee”.Crystal recently released her  video for her debut single “I F*ckin Love you” which features Actor “Pooch Hall ” from BET TV show “The Game” which has received an incredible positive feedback and with the video just being released for about a week the video has over 7K views .

Crystal tells us more about herself ,her new video  and projects we should look forward to.

How are you today lovely ?  

Crystal: “I’m wonderful, how are you love?”

I’m doing lovely ,thank you .How do you feel with the response of your new single and the video “I f*ckin love you”?  

Crystal: I F*CKIN LOVE IT! No pun intended! The response has been amazing! When you put out a record, it is literally one of the most vulnerable moments ever because you’re putting yourself out there to be judged by everyone. It has been a blessing to get all of the positive feedback … not one negative comment … that is a BLESSING! The love has been overwhelming.

People that want to know the girl behind the voice ,Who is “Crystal Renee ” ?  

Crystal:  My music is very transparent to who I am as far as my experiences with life & love. I chose to be that way because I want people to be able to relate.  I’m just like you. On a more personal side, I’m a lover and I love hard.  I’m super silly.  I love to have fun.  I live by the golden rule.  I’m passionate about life, and I live fearlessly.

What your new single  “I F*ckin love you “all about ?  

Crystal: I F*ckin’ Love You was derived from my “love hard” mentality. When you really love someone it is deeper than “Ooh, the stars and the moon aligned for us to be together.”  The extra happiness goes out of the window. When you can’t even describe how much you love someone, it’s more like “Yo, I don’t just love you, I F*CKIN’ LOVE YOU!”  It’s just an indescribable level of love!

Now What me 😉  and the Ladies want to know is how did you get “Pooch hall ” on the video ?

Crystal: Actually Pooch has been a great friend of mine for a few years now. I was shooting a little scene on set of this season’s “The Game” when I brought it up to him.  Before I could even finish asking him, he was all in.  That’s just the type of friend that he is.  He’s always ready to support. The ladies LOVE my boy, so that decision was a no brainer.

And the Fellas want to know if you’re single ?

Crystal:I am single. I love the balance that a relationship can give, but right now my career is my boo-thang.

What kinda man would you say “I F*ckin love you ” to ,Who is your ideal guy ?

 Crystal: Wow great question, my father set the bar pretty high.  My ideal guy has to be a God-fearing man. I love a BOSS – a man who handles his business and demands respect. That is a huge turn on and I want a man I can respect. A man whom still believes in chivalry.  Also, a man who can let me cater to him.  Some guys don’t know how to just chill and let a woman take care of them sometimes.  He has to know how to have fun – can’t be too serious all of the time. Last but not least, honesty and loyalty must be innate qualities. I’m a handful, I can admit that, so if he can handle me and possesses these qualities then I would say we’re off to a great start.

What keeps you inspired with doing what you do especially with Music world getting bigger by the day ?

Crystal:You know, music has been a huge part of my life for practically all of my life so staying inspired is never hard. There have always been ups and downs but I’ve been blessed with an amazing team and we keep each other lifted. Now that people are hearing my music, the supporters are becoming even more of an inspiration because they are getting me and accepting me.

Anyone in the Music industry at the moment you really a big fan of ?

Crystal: There is SO many, but if I had to name one at this moment, I would have to say Kanye West. That man is a musical genius… hell, outside of music he’s a genius.  I love me some Ye!

Who would you love to work with and why?

Crystal: I would have to say Kanye West again. There’s just nothing mediocre about his talent. I can tell he is a perfectionist and I know he would be able to pull things out of me that I didn’t even know I was capable of.  I know I would leave a better artist after working with him, and that’s what I’m about – always growing.

Working on any interesting projects at the moment ?

Crystal : Right now I’m preparing to start performing more.  I look forward to hitting’ some new stages.  I’m also in the studio working on my project as well as projects with other artists who have expressed an interest in collaborating. I’m just staying busy!  My life is so spontaneous, I never know  what each day will bring and I like that.

With this year is just beginning what should we expect this year from “Crystal Renee” ?

Crystal:I definitely feel like I have set the tone early for a great year, and that was important to me. So, I can only pray that everything keeps getting better.  You can expect more great music, and hopefully a record deal!  Even without one, you can still expect more great music and a lot of live performances.  We already have some lined up.

Final Question for the Weekly Diary – Describe how your  Week has been so far ? Anything crazy ,fun ,exiting ?

Crystal: This week I’m going super hard in rehearsals, preparing for my upcoming shows.  So, it has definitely been crazy, fun and exciting all in one.  But I’m enjoying it.

Crystal Renee : I F*ckin Love you 

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