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It’s hard  always saying goodbye to anyone or even hearing about one’s death  no matter the relation  yet alone a death of a Woman who shared her gift of singing with the rest of the world and such an inspiration to you and old,man and woman you name it .She had her troubles ,ups and downs like any other human would but being in the spotlight comes with a price i guess .You get all the fame,money riches but they are just like us and face their own problems unlike us we can hide them .With everything Whitney Houston went through she still inspired us with her  beautiful and graceful voice that till this day and forever will blow us away .

Some people ask do we have to wait till one dies before you appreciate them ,the truth is that’s how life works .”We don’t know the value of what we have until its gone” .It’s not like Whitney Houston or Micheal Jackson  can always come back to give us another hit and music so we appreciate the voice these Legends  left behind ,may They rest in perfect peace and may the Almighty heal the wounds and pain of their loved ones.

One of my favourite tracks


Till my next update ” To God we belong and to Him we shall return “

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