Hello world!

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Well Hello peeps.

Ermmm not really good in writing ,but i’m known for being unable to express myself and the  3 ways i think ican express yourself  should either by music ,dancing  and of course writing .I put to much in my head,pictures,memories ,stories and so much more and i can’t get it out so i thought i’d create a blog and share a few with ya’ll and keep the precious ones to myself (hehe ,don’t mean to be selfish) .

So yh lets  start with im just a regular girl, living a regular life but th truth just want 3 things  in life – Peace.Happiness & Love.

I don’t find it cool everyone trying to live the life of celebrities and not even  try and live their’s first.Like ladies copying beyonce and always singing “single ladies” anytime a good guy comes along coz they actually want him to “put a ring on it” 0_o ,erm the last time i checked beyonce was married to jay-z so yh she aint SINGLE!!!. and guys trying 2 be all weezy when they can ,even when they at work,with their in a place full of gentlemen with suits ,at home even when they approach a lady coz lil wayne makes “a millie” ,well dude thats him not you ,we all have different motives & goals we trying to get to.I have been throught a little rough edges of life i will share with you later on but the 3 thing i want to achieve in life is Peace.Happiness.Love .

Till my next UPDATE. “A goal without a plan is just a wish.”stay bless and peace out

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